Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Little Black Dress Fashion Show!

I am so excited to announce my first styling event of the year!

"The Little Black Dress Fashion Show"

Even though I would just adore it if all you lovely gals could attend. I realize that I am a long ways away for that to be a reality, only a dream. I would still love to share my exciting event with you all! This is the flyer and promotion advertisement for the event!

A Valentines Day Treat!
At the Loft Cinema -Tucson, AZ

Come hear about the history of the little black dress, and see how it evolved through the decades! With a complete fashion show, giving each black dress a visual tribute from the era's of the 1920's through the 1960's!

The AMAZING garments in the show are provided by Black Cat Vintage Clothing & all ensembles are designed by Stylist Syd Divine. Located in Tucson AZ, I suggest a visit to Black Cat's lovely store!

Syd has styled each decade with complete wardrobe, hair & make-up and would love for you to come out, and show your support for fashions history!

There will be a special Valentine's Day screening of Breakfast at Tiffany's following the show! Also Tiffany & Co. is donating a lovely piece of jewelry in an on site raffle, that will proceed the Hermitage Cat Shelter. In honor of Holly Golightly's (Audrey Hepburn) adorable orange cat of course!

So bring your sweetie out for some "Vintage Fashion Fun & Tiffany Romance!"

I will be sure to post pictures from all the glorious fashion and fun times at this event!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Golden Girls Garbs- Teal Hounds-Tooth

Hello Lovelies!

Just a wardrobe post for today, I hope you are all having a swell week so far!

Outfit Details:
1940's vintage teal/black hounds-tooth print dress- Desert Vintage

1940's inspired black hi-vamp shoes- BC Footwear

1940's vintage black hat- estate sale


Fully fashioned seamed stockings- Magnolia Hosiery

Vintage black glass earrings- Razzle Dazzle

1940's black corde purse (not shown)


Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Little Trinket Treats!

Don't you just love it when you go on Vintage shopping days. Hoping to come across something fabulous, even if it is a little trinket or small piece of decor. Then you find it, and at a good price!

Sometimes those are the best little things, in small packages that just make you Vintage happy!

Well over the last month or so, I have been here and there. Picking up some little goodies along the way. I just wanted to share a few of the little things that make me happy to find, collect and put in my home.

1940's era Japan ceramic figure. It's actually separates into salt and pepper shakers!

Vintage paper towel and wax paper wall dispenser (sorry for the glare) but that says paper towels and waxed paper.

Vintage eyeglass stand, just perfect enough to hold my cat-eye's stylishly on my bedside table.

1950's era Mexican siesta ceramic ashtray
In case I forgot to mention before, I love to collect 1940's/50's Mexican and western inspired pieces. The family room in my home is being decorated in this decor.

And the most fabulous find of the hunt! This milk-glass Jergen's cold cream jar. From the 1944 Three Faces campaign. I believe that Vargas was the original artist, proposed to do the artwork on this collection, however that didn't pan out and I don't know the artist that got the job. It is not the Vargas piece on this particular jar. If anyone knows, please do share. I absolutely love the three shade of hair color ads (blonde, red, brunette) that were ever so popular in the golden age of advertising. This little jar has a new home, on top of my bedroom vanity!

So what little trinkets have made your vintage home happy lately? I would love to see!

Hope you are having a swell day!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Green & White Wishes!

I want to board the Santa Fe, wearing these shoes and carrying this train case!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golden Girls Garbs- Black & Yellow

Another rainy day here in the Old Pueblo! So that means a flat hair day (he-he!) My thick frizzy hair does not do well in the moist weather, the curls just fall right out. As you can see in the picture below, that was the case yesterday!

I really enjoy the rain, but only for a short period of time (like no more than two days in a row) and I like it when it comes in spurts. I don't think I could live in a location where it constantly rains. I need my sunshine! Oh well, I am not complaining too much, we really needed the water. Our desert was so dry, it just drank it all up!

Sorry lovely bloggers, all I have for today is an outfit post....

So here is what I wore yesterday, as I ventured out into the morning rain! At the moment I took this picture, the drizzle had stopped and I was able to take off my coat for a quick second. It wasn't really too cold, just gloomy and overcast.


Outfit Details:

Yellow and black paisley print 1940's era set- made from a 1946 pattern
Black 1940's inspired hi-vamp shoes- BC Footwear
Black 1940s glass bead earrings- Razzle Dazzle Vintage
Black 1940's coat and corde purse- not shown

I think I just like the color yellow with anything really!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Girls Garbs- Vibrant Colors

Hello blog-o-sphere!

So sorry that I have been completely lame, and absent from my blog last week! Classes started and I was just juggling and adjusting to my new crazy schedule. I think I have a routine down now, and should be back to posting regularly this week.

So all I have for today, is an outfit post!

Hope you all had a good weekend and an eventful week ahead. In Arizona we had a complete shift in the weather. We went from weeks of blue sunny skies and temps in the gorgeous late 70's. To waking up with the cold and rain this morning. Apparently it's supposed to rain for a couple days straight!

I am thinking that I will slip on my fur 40's galoshes, to head to class this morning. It is the perfect day to wear them and we don't get too many of those chances in Tucson! Here is what I wore out & about yesterday. I enjoyed a nice breakfast with my family and then headed to a few stores. I will do a post later in the week to show you all a few of the fabulous things I found over the weekend!



Outfit Details:

Late 1940's blouse- Desert Vintage
Late 1940's yellow arrowhead pocket skirt- thrifted

Red Vintage inspired t-strap pumps- Steve Madden

Black 1940's corde and lucite handle purse- Desert Vintage

Red snood and yellow lucite earrings

Monday, January 11, 2010

Golden Girls Garbs- Suits "O" Plenty

Seems like with all the important meetings and stuff I had going on last week. I was suited up more than usual in a weeks time. I do love to sport Vintage suits, as they always leave any dame looking perfectly put together in a refined 1940's gal way!

I also love to wear my hats with suits. It just adds the finishing touch of elegance and classy vintage lady! Below, I am sporting some more of my favorite suits. Hope everyone had a swell weekend!

Outfit Details:
Vintage 1940's brown gabardine suit- Razzle Dazzle Vintage

Vintage 1940's cream neck tie blouse- thrifted

Vintage 1940's hat- How Sweet it Was Vintage

Brown 1940's inspired pumps- Target


Vintage 1940's floral ivory earrings- thrifted

Vintage 1940's era carved ivory cameo- Was a gift from my Grandmother. My Grandfather purchased it as a souvenir gift for her. When he was stationed in Italy in 1944.
Very sentimental!

Outfit Details:

Vintage 1940's navy and gray western inspired suit- Desert Vintage

Vintage inspired ruffle collar blouse- Forever 21

Brown 1940's inspired pumps- Target

Friday, January 8, 2010

Golden Girls Garbs

Hello Folks,

I have decided that instead just calling my wardrobe post; well just that! I am going to name the title of my wardrobe or styling entries "Golden Girls Garbs"

That will be the new call name to look out for in your blog rolls! If you even get to see my blog show up there. Geez, lately I have been having so many problems with people not being able to view my blog. I apologize for that, and hope Google gets these kinks ironed out soon!

Anywhoo, here is the first wardrobe entry under the new name, Golden Girls Garbs!

Outfit Details:

Green Vintage late 1940's Orlon crop sweater- Thrifted
Green and brown Vintage 1940's wool plaid skirt- Thrifted
Brown 1940's inspired pumps- Mossimo @ Target
Green and brown carved bakelite bangles- Razzle Dazzle Vintage
Green carved bakelite earrings- Pasadena Flea Market
Brown chiffon scarf tied around my ponytail

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka- Part 1

Mele Kalikimaka

Christmas in Hawaii sounds divine!

I thought the title of my blog entry today, was totally appropriate for this! Being that I did this set of 1940's Hawaiian inspired photos, in early December! (who would have known). Believe me, I was freezing my butt off!

Here is a sneak peak of my recent photo shoot with Vestige Photography!

Vestige Photography 2009

Location: The Shady Dell- Tiki Bus

Outfit Details:
1940's play suit- made as a gift, with lots of love by my amazing Mother.

Green 1940's inspired wedges-
Rocket Originals

Accessories- I think I wore every bakelite bangle I own!

More pics to come!

xoxo~Syd Divine

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home- Back from San Diego!

I truly hope that everyone had a lovely New Year's Eve celebration! I am putting nothing but good vibes into the atmosphere, for a good year filled with positive happenings! I wish the same for every one of you! I hope that all your dreams, goals, wishes, desires, ambitions, aspirations, etc.,(I think that covers it!) come into play this year. 2010 is going to be the year, I just know it!

I had a swell couple of days spending time down in San Diego, California. After our University of Arizona Wildcats got their butt's kicked. We decided to stay another two days and make the best out of a quick trip. We also rang in the New Year looking out to the ocean. Just in time to catch an amazing sunset, and listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean waves at night. That was such a treat, since I don't have any ocean access, at least not within 500 miles of me. There is just something so mysterious, amazing and overwhelming about the ocean, that blows me away.

While we watched the glow of the setting sun, beam off of our son's smiling face, while he played with the sand. We talked about all the things that we have been through in our lives together, where we are today and where we hope to be in the future. It was a nice night, with lots of grateful emotions and encouraging hopes for the future. When you are in the joy of a moment, you just don't want it to end. I'm glad I was right there in that moment for the time I was.

So with that being said, here are just a few pictures from our quick trip. Even though I love to travel, I am always glad to be home sweet home, and in my own comfy bed at night. Dorothy said it best; "There's no place like Home!" So I reflect on the fact that, I am thankful for the years past and my experiences, they made me who I am today. But I do look forward to a fresh New Year!

On our way to catch the trolley to Qualcomm Stadium for the big game!

Go Wildcats! (not so much, we lost bad)

Trying to stay in good spirits for my boys and the team! Also, making sure I wear my team colors in vintage style of course!

A quick shopping stop at Wear it Again Sam in Hillcrest, San Diego (so many amazing garments)

Enjoying an amazing view over Sunset Cliffs in San Diego!

A few Art Deco buildings along the way, imagine a Denny's in this glorious pink and black 1930's building.

Aboard the U.S.S Midway

I loved getting to spend some time talking with this WWII Veteran. Such an amazing, lively person, who fought his way through German lines in The Battle of the Bulge.

Future control room officer!

We had photos from two different cameras, so I will be sure to post a few more pictures. When I sort through the rest of my stuff. I have a backlog of things to attend to, the next few days. Also I would like to express my many thanks for all the lovely blog readers, who gave me awards over the last few weeks. I promise to work on sending those out ASAP! You are all sweethearts!