Friday, January 9, 2015

Cactus Mother

I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have been born and raised amongst these beautiful cactus creatures. The desert is a place of healing, peace, beauty and nature. I would be lying if I said that I never felt the need to get out and explore life and opportunities in other cities. To see and appreciate different architecture, culture and landscapes, but my heart always brings me back to this place…. my home, my desert, my Tucson. On a lovely Tucson winter afternoon, Puspa Lohmeyer ( my friend, creative partner and photographer) and I visited one of our favorite local cactus nurseries. Dressed in a palette of winter whites and placed in front of a backdrop of cactus green. I immersed myself in a sea of saguaros and breathed deep. These particular cactus, only mere babies in comparison to the sea of ancient ones found in the deserts wild, were so promising. Each one so similar, yet so different, protected and nourished in their own skin. Healthy, youthful and content, the desert alone naturally provides everything they could ever need, a force of nature that is overwhelming in it’s own thoughts. It is when I am in the nature of the desert, that I always find my peace and clarity. The place that I venture out to walk alone in the stillness of it's modest grace. The sonoran desert is the only region the saguaro naturally grows. It is where it belongs. Gratefully, this vast landscape is right in my backyard and at the end of the day, of my travels or big city fixes, there is really no place I would rather be, nowhere else I belong. Life may take me on a journey to other places, but my heart and my roots will always be here, walking among the cactus. 


creative director + styling: sydney ballesteros
photography: puspa lohmeyer
wardrobe: maxi skirt, jewelry + accessories: vintage
boots: cole haan
1960s bertoia chair: hot cool vintage
location: old pueblo nursery: tucson, az 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rebel Heart | January 2015

She is a beautiful free spirit. One that holds a bit of mischievous curiosity underneath it all. Perfectly polite, graceful, and beams hints of glamour, but she can't seem to shake her love of rebelling from the expected once in a while, the thrill of rush and and the so called bad boy. She has a Rebel Heart.


Creative Director + Stylist: Sydney Ballesteros
Photography: Puspa Lohmeyer
Model: Lisa Marie Lipscomb (FORD RBA)
Makeup: Tangie Duffey
Hair: Raul Mendoza


Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Muse | Jean Shrimpton

" Be patient, the best things happen unexpectedly."

~Jean Shrimpton
by Richard Avedon, 1968

photo: via

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oxblood + Velvet

The winter season in Tucson is such a special thing, the days are overcast and the air is crisp, (but not frozen over), and the spirit of a desert Christmas weighs heavy around the corner. On one of these beautiful winter afternoons, Puspa and I wandered around the original adobe barrios of downtown Tucson, I in my vintage 1970s oxblood and velvet suit of course! I just couldn't wait for the cool winter days in the desert to come, so I could wear this suit I had been so anxiously awaiting to, and on this day I did- enough said. Wishing you, my lovely readers a happy holiday season, from the old pueblo. Many blessings and peace for the new year to come! xo

photography: puspa lohmeyer
creative direction + styling: sydney ballesteros
location: barrio viejo, tucson az
1960s turquoise squash blossom: vintage (razzle dazzle, tucson az)
1970s velvet suit: vintage 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shades of Olive

Green has always been on the list of favorite colors, but lately I've been obsessing over the color green, olive green to be specific. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors to wear this season. The actual fall weather reaches the desert a little later than the rest of the world, so this news flash may be late. Some of these items would argue to be called the color moss. Indeed it's very close in scale, but maybe a tad bit more brown in it. I think I just like the word  "olive" better, don't you? Here are some of my favorite selections in the world of olive.
PS- I am coveting those SW boots, and Christmas is around the corner (hint, hint).


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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tucson Modernism Week 2014 | Vintage Style Exhibit Part 1

Another year has come and gone, and the beautiful desert nights of October have graced Tucson with their presence. What that means is...Tucson Modernism Week, a two week long series of events, dedicated to the preservation and design of all things mid-century modern. Some of those categories are homage to architecture, furniture, fashion and cars. You know the good stuff!

My contribution to this wonderful event is the vintage style exhibit, where I produce, curate and style a lovely show, complete with stand still models and a set of vintage mid-century fashions that will feast your eyes. Below is Part 1 of the show, the behind the scenes footage, shot by my creative comrade Puspa Lohmeyer. Enjoy!

Photographer: Puspa Lohmeyer
Creative Director + Stylist: Sydney Ballesteros
Makeup: Tangie Duffey
Hair: Raul Mendoza
Wardrobe: Black Cat Vintage | Razzle Dazzle Vintage | How Sweet it Was Vintage | Desert Vintage | Buffalo Exchange
Models: Kelsey Hagan | Ariel Robinson | Lindsey Meredith | Savanah Impellizzeri | Rachel Vague | Megan Russell | Niki Freeman