Thursday, January 28, 2010

Golden Girls Garbs- Teal Hounds-Tooth

Hello Lovelies!

Just a wardrobe post for today, I hope you are all having a swell week so far!

Outfit Details:
1940's vintage teal/black hounds-tooth print dress- Desert Vintage

1940's inspired black hi-vamp shoes- BC Footwear

1940's vintage black hat- estate sale


Fully fashioned seamed stockings- Magnolia Hosiery

Vintage black glass earrings- Razzle Dazzle

1940's black corde purse (not shown)



  1. Always such a well put together ensemble! Love the color with your hair, lovely.

  2. AS always, very nice outfit!!! and I love your hair! I know there are in the wb a lot of hair tutorials, but would you post one some day? I love your hair does

  3. Such a cute outfit, you look stunning!

    I am looking to order a pait of stockings from magnolia. Do they last for more then a couple wears?


  4. Lemondrop Marie- Thank you darling!

    Lizzy- Thanks! I have thought about doing a hair tutorial, maybe sometime soon!

    Darla: Retro Ways- Thank you! Umm, they are o.k. I can usually get quite a bit of use before they rip. There pretty close to the real thing. I would much rather find a few vintage pairs at an estate sale though. I can say that my vintage ones last a little longer.

    Jasmine- Thanks doll!

  5. such a cute outfit!

    lovelove, M.

  6. Wonderfully sweet look, that pretty teal hue suits you beautifully, honey!

    Wishing you a splendid Thursday & blissfully wonderful month of February!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Gypsy Fox- Thank you!

    M.- Thanks sugar!

    Jessica- Nice to hear from you darling, thank you sweetie, you too!


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