Monday, November 25, 2013

Autumn in New York...

Each time I have visited New York, it has always been in the spring. Don’t get me wrong, the spring is lovely in New York, cherry blossoms and all, but Autumn in the New York…. well that is something special to see.

I just returned from a visit to the stylish city and hung out with some of my favorite ladies and favorite places.....and as usual instagram documented it all.

 From left to right:
autumn in new york | a lovely building in chelsea | my bodyguards | viewing kandinsky at the neue gallery | pretty ues topiary | the cozy setting at jessika’s apartment | nyc chic | a sea of orange | the guggenheim
 brunch with katie armour + lauren caron | chilly late night subway commute | lynn yeager sighting | central park in the fall | coffee break at lafayette | oh hello alexa! | my new york city girls | the diana vreeland memos window at bergdorfs | lunch in the west village
the ceiling of grand central station gets me every time | sweet stop at sant ambroeus with the ladies- katie, jane, jessika, robyn, iva +  briony | malachite goodness at bergdorfs  (thanks to lauren!) | a lifetime in nyc, captured at the station | the commute | the view looking down on fifth avenue from bergdorfs bar| robyn + lauren in deep conversations | jessika’s beautiful mantle | headed home

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