Friday, June 28, 2013

Baseball Mom

This style board was extra special for me to put together, due to my life connection with baseball. I wear many hats, baseball mom is one of them, (read below if you are interested to know the details...)
So, this is a version of the baseball uniform and essentials that often visit the park with me to my son's games, but you definitely don't have to be a baseball mom to wear this look. It's just one of those great all around classic style looks, for those days when you just feel like being casually tomboy chic. Oh, and I wouldn't mind having that Coach  baseball glove to play catch with at all!

Some Fun Facts:
1. I grew up listening to baseball games on the radio with my grandpa, so this pastime is pretty close to home for me. 
2. I have been a legit baseball mom for almost ten years now, since my son was a tee-baller. He is now a Little League Major, All-Star 2nd basemen (time flies).
3. I will gladly kick my heels off and put a baseball glove on to play catch with my son (you better believe I know how to throw a baseball).
4.The Sandlot is still one of our favorite family movies to cuddle up with and watch, we have been indulging in this tradition since my son was three years old (you are never to old to cuddle with your mom).
5.There is no crying in baseball!


  1. I love this! Baseball Rules!!

  2. You're a certified baseball mom! I've seen lots of mom at their kids' game wearing different outfit. Some moms even buy the same uniform style as their kid's just to show their support. Cute isn't it? Linnie @