Thursday, November 1, 2012

cozy days in paris….

Lately, I have been feeling fond of bundling up in a cozy sweater and flats and walking the streets in search of inspiration. Maybe to a bookstore, flea market or just planning my days and people watching from a cozy coffee shop. Ultimately, I am wishing I was doing all of the above mentioned in actual Paris. In light of my day dreaming, I found a few things that might help make me feel chic and close enough to Paris, to pretend I was. I often dream of the day I can go to that happy place and watch through the windows of a Paris cafe. Soon, very soon!

1. edith piaf vinyl : amazon
2. diptyque candle 
3. leopard stack ring set : h+m
4. monogrammed mugs : anthropologie
5. laudree macron’s 
6. leopard flats: gap
7. red chanel lipstick: saks
8. parisian chic planner: amazon
9. red turtleneck sweater: j. crew
10. eiffel tower earrings: kate spade
11. black beret: h+m
12. leopard cross body bag: c. wonder
 13. black slim cafe capri pants: j. crew


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