Thursday, October 27, 2011

For the Love of Green!

Hey there,

Green is one of those colors that just makes you feel all happy inside when you look at it, sort of like yellow and red do too. Such a versatile color, that can be used in every season and beautiful in so many different shades, from kelly green to mint green.

So put your green colored glasses on, and take a look at some visions in green that make me happy!

green fur

green deco influenced cloche hat

green & white kitchens

little green cameras
image via (

a green vespa

green vintage dresses

green loafers with a pretty white bow

green 1960s style cape dress and green shoes with yellow socks

pretty green satchel with scallops
image via (

green vintage velvet and brocade dress

Emerald City

green kate spade bicycle

jadeite cake stands

green sequin dress

green vintage stove

pretty green and black monogramed stationary
original hunter wellies, in green

images via: pinterest, modcloth, flickr



  1. Ooooh is that a Dig For Victory dress I spy? Lovely!

    Green's my favourite, I can't get enough of it! x

  2. I love green! And that cloche, wow! It's particularly great.

  3. This made me smile. Green is my favorite color and it looks great on me!

  4. I adore green and oh that purse and hat I love,love,love!

  5. Love the hat!!! X

  6. Green's my fave color too! I especially love the shades in the kitchen and jadite pix you posted.


  7. well, here we are -- the green fan club. I love the green vintage cooking range! and the shoes. and the dresses. and the vespa. Especially the Vespa! I know a Vespa . . . but it is not green. It is Blue. Still pretty special as blue. Thanks for the heart lightening post : ) Green. My fav.

  8. Green vintag beautiful!

  9. I'm not really one for strong greens, but emerald is my favorite and I love the sequin dress and the stove! And of course your blog, I've been a'lurkin' for a little over a year but have never commented :)

    One, last thing, I thought you should know that your links on the top left don't redirect to your pages :)

  10. The green bow loafers worn with the lace socks are my favourites! Nice inspiration x


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  12. These could be one of my fav sites for those cute and pretty designed Indie Clothing Styles!

  13. I am so glad that you all enjoyed the GREEN post! I had so much fun finding these pictures and writing it up!

    Thank you for your comments and feedback, I enjoyed sharing this love of green with you all!