Monday, March 1, 2010

A busy bee!

Hello lovely friends!

I am so glad to hopefully be back on track this week. After a short hiatus due to last weeks series of events. I am starting my week off, by sharing with you some exciting news and pictures!

So last week I was hired by a client to style a darling 11 year old girl, who is auditioning for a part in a 1930's set movie. I can not say what the title of the movies is, by law only because it is still in pre-production, and a even though a title has been determined. It is still not finalized at this point. Anywhoo off with that hosh-posh and on with the details.

I was flown off on a jet plane to the movie production city of Los Angeles, for a couple days. Middle of last week, well Wednesday to be exact.

As soon as I got there, I got to work. Playing dress up with little girls vintage clothes, is a dream for me. As much as I enjoy styling my own handsome little boy in vintage, it is always fun to see buttons, bows and frilly things for a change. She is so cute, and looks very much like Shirley Temple in the 1930's! She was very polite and had a delightful personality. Very smart, witty and mature for her age, a pleasure to work with. Her Mother was also a pleasure, she let me do my work without a hitch and was very grateful for the help and pleased with the results.

In between work, I only had a few opportunites to play and snap pics. So here are a few!

Me and my adorable little future starlet, having dinner on a rainy night at the Santa Monica Pier, after her fabulous audition! Isn't she a doll? Good luck little lady!
I will be sure to post more pictures of her in her her full regalia, as soon as a get a few back from the photographer! There were a couple of wardrobe changes....

The lovely hotel my client put me up in, I was definitely spoiled for a few days. You know how much I adore the beach and the California sunsets! Even if I only had an hour to sink my toes in the sand, well that is good enough for me!

The ocean just beyond the balcony, about 100 ft away!

Some quick playtime before I headed back home to Arizona. A stop at the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood, well the nicer part of Hollywood- in the hills of Loz Feliz, that is.

You might recall the Griffith Observatory, from the movie "Rebel without a Cause" starring James Dean!

And a nice visit and lunch with my gal pal Ashley who resides in L.A. Oh how I miss that girl living in my hometown! She is such a hoot!

Till next time...



  1. You and your outfit look beautiful...Is there no colour that doesn't suit you?

  2. Wow that looks fantastic! I absolutely love your blog by the way, it's very inspiring so thank you!

  3. what an amazing job! you look fantastic!

  4. your girl ashley needs to start a blog!

  5. Oh!! You look great on that picture!! Congratulations for that job and you did a great job with the girl!! that picture of both of you together is great!! I hope she gets the part in the film!
    I INSIST, you should post a tutorial about your hair do!! PLEASEEEEEEE

  6. You look so fantastic! Love your hair! I just started playing with fingerwaves, which are way easier than I thought! you did a great job on the little girl! What fun!!

  7. I love reading your blog. I can read them at your actual page, but your entries never show up in my reading list for some reason. I was wondering if you knew why that was, and if it was fixable? Thanks!

  8. I thought I had left a comment but I think blogger ate it. Anyway, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the 30s look you've got going on in these images. Once again, I am coveting your perfect waves! I'm just too lazy/clumsy/silly to get my waves to behave like that!
    That little girl looks darling...and she seems familiar, or maybe it's just that she has that "it" factor

  9. Gingeyginge- Thanks Doll!

    Ruby Roulette- Thanks Sweetie! That is very encouraging to hear!

    Bellisimama- Thanks Sugar!

    Dizzy Dame- I know right? Believe me, I have chatted with her about it.

    Lizzy- Thanks darlin! I I always appreciate our lovely thoughts. I promise to do one soon...

    Brittany @ Va Voom- Thanks doll! Yeah, once you practice enough to get the motion. They are pretty easy to recreate. It was loads of fun, just what I love to do, play dress-up!

    Betty 2 Tone- Thanks for going out of your way to read! I am so sorry to hear that you have that problem. I have heard that several times before. I have tried to email Google, and have had no success. I have no idea why that is the case for some people, but please come back to visit!

    Baroness- Thanks love! I have started to re-visit some of my 30's stuff. Oh honey, sure you can finger wave. There's really nothing to it one you practice several times. Dedicate a relaxing beauty regimen night to yourself, to pamper your hair, skin & nails. I promise you will enjoy it and want them at least once a week! Soon you will be a pro at it!


  10. No worries! I do love your blog. I grew up in Tucson, and I can't even imagine wearing vintage when it gets super hot!

  11. I love this outfit (and your friend Ashley's adorable little fawn brooch) those red shoes are amazing. I think i need a pair. Your outfits are so well thought out, no accessory out of place. Bravo my dear!
    xxoo Bettie