Monday, February 22, 2010

In a 1930's mood these days!

As much as the fashions of the 1940's are dear to my heart, and an era of dressing choice on most days. The amazing era of fashion from the golden film age of the 1930's, is another one that I love to recreate. The bias cut fitting style of garments, and upward waistline from the low drop waist of the 1920's, fits my body type well. On occasion I get in a glamorous 1930's mood and tend to dress this way from time to time. Then again sometimes you will see me dressed in a 1960's ensemble. I just am passionate about mostly the 1920's-mid 1960's fashion, and like to change it up then and again. I also do love to study & admire some of the mid to late 1800's to early 1900's garments, but you won't see me trying to wear all those undergarments, clothing and layering on a daily basis, oh no! Just fun for a really short period of time, and I mean really short! Before the corset makes you faint!

I wish I had as many garments from the 1930's as I do from the 40's, but they are just so rare. In fact I think the day wear fashions from the 1930's, are even harder to find than the 1920's. My justification for this is women re-fashioning their garments in the later thirties, and into the "Make do and Mend" slogans of early wartime. Evening wear is still pretty available, for a hefty price. Not something I can splurge on, on a regular basis. Which brings me to show you the picture of the glorious 1930's dress, that I wore for the "Black Dress Fashion Show"!

This is just a shot my husband took of me at the event. I am still waiting for the professional pictures to come in. Which will also show the ensembles of all the girls I styled through the decades for the event. Anyway, this is the dress I wore. Hmm.. I just noticed there is some sort of strange orb in it or something, yikes!

A stunning black 1930's velvet bias cut gown, with a deco pattern of velvet cut-outs on the cape.
I paired the dress with a velvet dress beret, that has a pearl ornament in front. I also wore my Grandmother's black jet Charleston beads and deco black marcasite earrings. You can not see my shoes in this pic, but they were a pair of black 1930's inspired t-straps.

And this is what I am wearing today! Again in a 1930's mood..

Outfit Deets:

Brown Vintage 1930's skirt- Tucson Thrift
Black 1930's inspired lace front sweater- Anthropologie

Black knit tights- Urban Outfitters

Black t- strap 1930's inspired shoes-Thrifted
Vintage black jet beads- my Grandmother

Marcasite earrings- my Grandmother


  1. Loving these looks!

  2. I think I lost my breath for a second when I saw that velvet gown! It's absolutely stunning!

  3. Love all of these- you look fabulous!

  4. All of the photos are gorgeous! Love your hair in the daily outfit post, amazing! And that red lipstick is so lovely too.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Happy Chinese New Year giveaway

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments!


  6. Gosh, Syd, you look beautiful! I love that black dress.
    -Andi x

  7. OOhhh!! and MORE OOOHH!!! YOu look really really spectacular!!! that black dress Oh my!! and your make up and your hair!!! PLEASE make a tutorial!!! I always love your hair but this look is just great!!!

    Oh!! and I can't wait to see the other photos!!

  8. i LOVE your blog. your pictures are amazing!

  9. You are so beautiful :-)

    I have something (you know what! tTo discuss with you, drop me an email missmatilda2@gmail dot com
    because I've got a few plans, they keep changing! Hehehe xxx

  10. You look stunning! I love both outfits.

  11. Your hair is perfect. You look amazing!

  12. oh thats cool i wish i could spend the time needed for that great put together look!

  13. just gorgeous! I'd love a hair tutorial!!!

  14. Aww! Thanks so much, for everyone's lovely comments! I appreciate them all, dearly.


  15. PS: I happen to be the lucky owner of several vintage 1930s day dresses and I can tell you that I totally agree that their scarcity has to do with people hemming them, either during the end of the 30s, to match changing styles or after purchasing them NOW, because that calf length is not seen as a favourite length. HOWEVER, I also have discovered that often, people on eBay and even Etsy find these dresses and they are so unused to seeing them that they mislabel them as being 1940s or fact, I'm giving away a big secret here, but that is how I found all my 30s day dresses: by looking beyond the mislabelling of decade to the actual tell-tale design details on the garment and inadvertently described in the listing! xoxo

  16. Baroness Von Vintage- What a lucky gal! I only have about- 4 original wearable 1930's day dresses and one that is in need of some repairs. Three evening, a couple skirts and a few blouses. Wish I had more 1930's day wear clothing. I have several lovely patterns and have been saying that I need to get my but in gear and sharpen up on my sewing skills. I would love to make this amazing 1930's suit that I have a pattern for.

    I guess I just haven't been lucky enough to come across 1930's garbs on a regular basis. I completely agree with you on the mislabeling of garmets on Ebay & Etsy. I see it happen all the time. It's really rather annoying that someone didn't take the time to research a fabulous piece of history.

    It's a shame that someone who recently purchased a 1930's dress would alter it's shape. Especially because they are so hard to come by. I think the bias cut and calf length is stunning!

    I wish 1930's garments weren't so scarce, or mistreated to the point that they cannot be worn anymore, but I have been inspired to sew that suit! I have the perfect brown 1930's hat for it!

    Thanks Lovely!