Friday, August 2, 2013

Desert Chic

I recently came across some photos on the domain site, that got me really inspired to put this style board together! As you know, I grew up in the sonoran desert of Tucson Arizona, so the “new southwest” or as I like to call it Desert Chic style (a modern minimalist update on old west traditions) is what rings closest to home for me. Because of my love for collecting, and an eclectic mix of decorating styles, elements and influences. I never like to limit myself to just one style. I would rather incorporate all of the things I love under one roof (so for me, that means decorating each room differently). With that being said….in my own home, I have an entire family room (or Arizona room as we like to call it...) dedicated to the homage of these desert chic elements. Create your own minimalist desert chic home (even if you don’t dwell in the desert) with these favorite picks. Oh yes, I did just purchase that cowhide rug to add to my Arizona room! (pshh..for $199.99, you bet!)

cowhide rug | sofa | copper lamp | saguaro cactus print | chief bookends | vase one | vase two | sunburst coffee table | pillow one | pillow two | turquoise cow skull | storage basket | cactus + pots 


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