Friday, June 7, 2013

Edge of the Orient

My latest styling work for the June issue of the Black Cat Vintage garment district….

Edge of the Orient

The luxurious textiles and beautiful motifs of the East have captivated audiences since the days of the Silk Road.  But could such an ancient culture be re-imagined for a new age?

Against a backdrop of minimalist lines we reinterpreted the basic elements of Asian dress--the kimono, mandarin dress and obi--and conceived a neo-traditionalist collection fit for a modern Anna May Wong.  If Paul Poiret were alive, we’d like to think he would approve of our imperial vision for the edge of a modern world.  We hope you enjoy it too.

Introducing our vintage version of the Orient. Built from the ground up.

~Sydney Ballesteros

creative director + stylist: sydney ballesteros
photography: stacia lugo
model: kendall visser {agency az}
makeup: tangie duffey
hair: raul Mendoza {fringe studios}
wardrobe: black cat vintage
select jewelry: razzle dazzle vintage


  1. I love the cheetah-print bag with the red cheongsam! What a pretty combo :-)

  2. Incredible images!!! I particularly love the first one - that embroidered pajama-style ensemble is really cool!

  3. I LOOOVE this photoshoot; well done! The clothes are STUNNING and for once they can actually be SEEN. What is it with these idjits who style a fashion photoshoot by posing the models and cluttering up the image so the clothes CANNOT BE SEEN PROPERLY? What then is the purpose of such a "fashion photoshoot"?