Wednesday, March 27, 2013

While in Los Angeles…..

A few weeks ago myself and Claudine of Black Cat Vintage flew out to Los Angeles for a couple of days, to attend the cocktail party celebration and premiere episode of Doris Raymond's new show LA Frock Stars, on the Smithsonian channel. I have been meaning to share what little photos I remembered to capture from the event (I really need to get quicker with the camera), but life has been crazy these last few weeks….the good kind of crazy that is!

The trip was super fast and less time than I usually get to spend while out in Los Angeles, but I did get to catch up with a few lovely friends in California land and Doris Raymond of course! If you have never visited Doris’ boutique in LA called The Way We Wore, I highly recommend it. Doris has an exquisite eye and knowledge for vintage clothing and her pieces are beyond fabulous! 

Congratulations Doris!

more photos…..

1. The Hotel Wilshire (home for two days) | 2. The hills of LA | 3. A layout of my vintage accessories for the evening | 4. Claudine of BCV, myself, and Lauren of Timeless Vixen Vintage | 5. A lovely parting gift | 6 + 7. The lovely Doris Raymond | 8. Sipping on Tanqueray | 9. The chic scene

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  1. I met Lauren while I worked at La Rosa. She is a lovely Lady!