Monday, April 2, 2012

Black + Yellow

Black and yellow is such a catchy little color combination. I think it's just that pop of yellow against the harsh black, that gives it that second look! I have so many color combo's that I adore and black and yellow never falls short!

Here are a couple snaps of the catchy combo styled with some pieces from my vintage collection.

{outfit one}

yellow 1960s lanz dress: desert vintage
polka dot back-seam stockings: urban outfitters
black mary jane wedges: urban outfitters
black belt and vintage clutch: thrifted

{outfit two}

yellow ruffle top: h&m
black 1950s floral bouquet motif vintage skirt: desert vintage
red leather 1940s cinch belt: thrifted
vintage copper cuff and red floral earrings: desert vintage
black lace up espadrilles: old navy


  1. Perfection.

    There are so mnay colour combos I avoid as they represent popular Australian football teams - argh!

  2. Loving the floral bouquet motif skirt!! X

  3. I love that color combo too but I cant help but think of bees everytime I see it just like orange and black reminds me of Halloween LOL But the look is stunning! Great photos as well!! xox

  4. love it, reminds me of the music video - light up the world - i cant remember who its by though]

  5. Lovely! I like that combination

  6. Thanks ladies! I love that floral skirt, it was a lucky find!


  7. Yellow can be a really tricky colour for me to pull off (I find I need to either go really pale or deeply golden), but this fantastic images are definitely inspiring me to get more adventurous with yellow as we head into the sun-kissed months.

    Wishing you a gorgeous day & month of April,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Those are fabulous outfits. Loved your yellow dress & black printed skirt! You look fabulous.

  9. Now I really regret not getting that yellow top from H&M <<<not sarcastic

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