Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Wardrobe

Hey There,

It has been a while since I posted some wardrobe pictures. This weekend in Tucson, we finally has several nice days of weather. Tolerable enough to hang out outside for more than 45 minutes. So in any case, that is what we did. My husband had a nice long weekend due to the Labor Day Holiday. Saturday afternoon me and my family decided to take a stroll Downtown. We had a nice late lunch at Which-Which a little sandwich shop off of University Blvd.

Then we caught the trolley back to the end of 4th Avenue and took a stroll all the way down the Avenue to walk our lunch off. We were just enjoying the weather way too much! We totally took advantage of it! We even took a little detour through some of the streets leading to my favorite old neighborhoods off of 4th Avenue. We love to look at Historic architecture and houses. So low and behold that's what we did!

Sunday afternoon, my Aunt was hosting a family BBQ/Reunion. The afternoon was filled with good food and lots of family stories, laughing and catching up. The stuff I just soak in! Once again, I am such a ding bat! I had my son snap a wardrobe pic before we left the house. Then I sat my camera down on the dining room table as I went inside to grab my dish of contribution to the party. I'm sure you can guess what happened next! Yup that's right! I left my camera at home, sitting on the table. Only did I realize that, when I was digging frantically through my purse to snap a picture of me and my 88 year old Grandmother! I was so mad at myself I wanted to cry! At one point there was 5 generations at hand to take pictures of.

Well enough of that! I just opened up a can of worms thinking about that again this morning! Have any of you felt that way? When you just get so darn mad at yourself for doing something so mindless! Ugh! I guess we are all only human. Just give me some time I will get over it!

Here are 2 outfits that I wore this weekend! Most of the time I looked like a sweetheart on the home front in WWII. I hope you all had a swell weekend and have a blessed week ahead of you!


Our Trolley Ride down University Avenue!

My outfit consisted of my Vintage 1940's white and yellow floral print cotton dress, paired with my yellow flats and matching yellow belt. I accessorized with my Vintage yellow Lucite earrings, WWII- USN sweetheart bracelet, a yellow ribbon tied around my pulled back ponytail of curls and a white gardenia placed behind my right Victory roll!

I love this Bed & Breakfast in Downtown, Tucson!

Sorry for the shadow and the lovely water heater case in the background!

This was on Sunday on our way to the BBQ!

This outfit consisted of one of my favorite 1940's inspired reproduction blouses. Peach and taupe in color with cap style sleeves. I paired it with my favorite dungarees, taupe belt, my tan 1940's inspired tooled wedges and my Vintage 1940's tooled purse (not pictured). I accessorized with my Vintage peach Lucite earrings, sweetheart bracelet, and the same white gardenia.


  1. I just hate it when I leave my camera behind!
    Love both the outfits. That really is a gorgeous blouse!
    -Andi x

  2. We have a Which-Which in a nearby town, and a friend was recently just raving on and on about how good it was! I will HAVE to go try it out!

    I also enjoy family get togethers and stories, and sometimes wish I could just freeze those special moments in time.

  3. Oh you look adorable and I love your tooled leather handbag!!!