Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Remembering Lauren

It is no secret around these parts that Lauren Bacall was one of my favorite actresses of the silver screen. The last of her dying genre and a true Old Hollywood talent, she was one of my recent #mondaymuse features. Lauren was a legend that exuded timeless style, wit, natural beauty and understated grace. I associate her films with some of my first exposures to the love of vintage fashion and beauty, that would follow me around for a lifetime. To Have and Have Not (among others) was my Grandmother's favorite movie (she had a crush on Humphrey of course!) and I have fond memories watching it by her side as a young girl. I would never tire of hearing that husky voice and looking at those piercing eyes. Today, I wanted to post a couple of my favorite images of the Golden Era's leading lady, to honor her memory and impact on my life. Farewell Lauren, save travels and congratulations on meeting Bogie at the gates. Thank you for being you and always showing us your face, may you rest in peace dear.

" I think your whole life shows in your face, and you should be proud of that."
~Lauren Bacall

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  1. Such an interesting and beautiful woman. I must admit I like it when you take your blog more personal like this, because you're those things too. :-) I hope she's with Bogie again as well. I believe she is.