Thursday, June 19, 2014

One Kings Lane + GG of the West | The Vanity Series

Personal style and decor just go hand in hand, and in most presentations, they are often an extension of one another, that display a similar visual aesthetic. Even when I don’t intentionally do it, my personal style and hunted collections of the things I love to keep around me come through. The way I style my wardrobe and my home have that same connection and attention to detail, both united with the things my eye is naturally drawn to. Personal style to me is a form of self-expression and communication if you will….. it paints the story of your life and the things unique to you.  

I was recently asked to collaborate with online home decor retailer One Kings Lane, to design a personal vanity, in a series of collages called the Reflect your Style campaign. I was thrilled to be asked to participate in this project! A. I am a huge fan of OKL and the beautifully curated things on their site (a.k.a- the vintage section) B. I believe your vanity is an extension of your personal style and provides another space to curate within your home, a very personal space. It often houses favorite beauty products, and is accessorized with things that are aesthetically pleasing, give meaning and sentiment, or just plain make you happy to have with you. The statement piece of a vanity might be the mirror, just as the statement piece for my ensemble is a piece of bold jewelry. All of the same ingredients for the way I put together accessories for an outfit. For me, it's those touches of one of a kind treasures that I have hunted and collected over the years. Mixing in a vintage garment, necklace or cuff, can completely make a look become yours.

My vanity selections are both an eclectic mix of my personal style (vintage + new), native southwest surroundings, and love of seeking vintage one of a kind treasures. I often refer to this cultivated style as Desert Chic, I guess my vanity is no exception to the visual inspiration gathered there. The elements are simple and chic, yet entertain the ideas of understated bohemian with the touches of native patterns, materials and texture, and there is always a sprinkle of classic feminine glamour on the surface that refines it. On my vanity, you will also find some of my favorite daily beauty products, my loved pieces of vintage jewelry, a picture of the ones dear to me, and of course- my black glasses. So what's on your vanity?

furniture, d├ęcor + jewelry:

beauty products:
nail polish | lipstick | foundation | perfume | hairbrush | bobby pins

If you love the hunt too and haven't yet familiarized yourself with One Kings Lane, I would suggest that be at the top of your to-do list! I constantly find beautiful one of a kind things to add to my collection. They also have a handy Home Decor Handbook to help identify, educate and inspire along the way....