Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Georgia May Jagger

What is it about Rock Stars daughters that they just turn out so freaking cool and beautiful? It must just be bred in the genes and inevitable right? Remember my post about Liv Tyler? Same thing, born with the awesome gene!

I recently game across these pictures of Georgia May Jagger in soft hues of white and pretty pastels. She looks so natural and effortlessly beautiful. And that gap in her teeth....well, you know that is just a pretty amazing feature to have. Guess it's not a bad idea to have Mick Jagger and style icon Jerry Hall as parents either.

images via: visual optism

1 comment:

  1. Lucky she took after her mom and not her wrinkly old scrotum of a father! Same with whatshername, with Jane Birkin for a mom and the Missing Link for a father! Liv Tyler dodged a "dad bullet" , too! I have never found gappy teeth to be attractive, myself.