Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lovely Liv

I have had a girl crush on Liv Tyler since the days of Empire Records. Oh! and remember the Aerosmith video Crazy, starring her and Alicia Silverstone? Yeah well.... I was twelve years old at the time (on the verge of becoming a teenager), boy crazy and completely obsessed with that video (and song!). I swore that my dad would give me his 5.0 mustang by the time I was sixteen (wishful thinking). Believe me, the signature style that I had planned out for school the following fall, was already in the works. It was going to be a mix of vintage floral print dresses, plaid flannels (to tie in a knot), denim cut-offs and combat boots. Mom and I spent a lot of time thrifting that summer. Needless to say, I was thrilled to see her in the recent online net-a-porter magazine The Edit, she was just as beautiful, glowing, timeless and down to earth as she always has been! I love how she talks about her special relationship with her son. Raising a son is a wonderful thing and something I can totally relate too. I think we could be good friends……


photo via: the edit