Monday, January 7, 2013

a new year and a fresh space

Starting off the new year right means having an organized working space. One where you can feel constantly inspired and motivated on a daily basis. Surrounded by the things you love, be it your favorite art work, books, stationary, reminders, or just a pretty bouquet of your first pick of flowers.

It also helps if that space is a pretty one, so here are a few desk and office accessories that I fancy…

Oh! And I think everyone should own a vintage letter opener, just my two sense!

1. eiffel tower thank you cards: graphique de france | 2. letter opener: etsy | 3. art work by my lovely friend: valerie galloway
4. two carat coffee mug: target | 5. desk lamp: land of nod | 6. dachshund letter holder: anthropologie
7. paper weight: kate spade | 8. grace coddington memoir | 9. vase: jonathan adler | 10. pink desk calendar: sugar paper

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