Monday, December 31, 2012

a time to relax. a time to begin.

Today is the first day back on my blog in about a month long hiatus. Two thousand twelve was a wonderful year for family, new friendships, growth, opportunities, accomplishments, experiences, and dreams that really came true. I am beyond blessed and grateful to look back and reflect on those things. I feel as though if that wasn’t enough, 2012 was just the beginning. After this very busy adrenalizing year, I took some much needed time away to really rest, re-energize and be re-inspired. Also, to just savor and enjoy the holidays in full force. I’m talking decorating, cooking + baking, gift shopping, wrapping, and just curling up with a good book on my cozy sofa. Or staying in my pajamas until noon with nowhere to run off to! Really taking the time to do things that I had missed for so long, with no agenda or schedule to work around. Believe me, my to-do list will be right where I left it beginning…..well the day after tomorrow I suppose. Until then, I intend to use up every bit of my vacation.

When life gets so busy, sometimes it does the mind wonders to step away and regain focus and inspiration. It is easy to loose your thoughts in the chaos of trying to balance everyone and everything that is important to you. So indeed, time away, is the only way to a better beginning. I have many plans and some amazing opportunities to look forward to in the New Year and I hope that you will all be along for the ride! I also hope your holiday season was filled with joy + happiness + laughter + peace + loved ones. I did manage to shed a little light, with some snippets of my holiday happenings via instagram.

Feeling refreshed, excited and anxious. Cheers to a new year and hew beginnings!

1. making the house a little merrier | 2. christmas collard spirit | 3. christmas doodles 
 4. holiday shopping = comfortable shoes | 5. my favorite ornament | 6. on a mission to buy wine and baking goods | 7. an all day baking marathon | 8. pretty presents wrapped in gold | 9. much deserved

1. mamas little helper | 2. houndstooth + red boots | 3. a pretty little corner | 4. christmas earrings
5. forming mamas shoe habits | 6. from my boys | 7. black + red | 8. dapper young gent | 9. christmas dinner attire 

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  1. So sweet! Stopping by from Sugar and Dots to say hello. Enjoy the first weekend of 2013! XO