Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The latest happenings in my life captured through the genius filters of instagram! Not once, but twice.

Round No 1.
{from left to right}
morning coffee with dorothy draper/the perfect lbd/my beautiful grandparents/a greek salad for lunch/new hangers=organize studio/my green polka dot sheath/dreaming of paris in color/my coveted vera print blouse/the morning view from my bedroom

Round No 2.
{from left to right}
a surprise gift from my hubby: another piece of my friend valerie's artwork/a simple white t-shirt/macaroons for breakfast/my desert shoes/the black dress rack at bcv/our first edition book for bcv/one for each occasion of four eyes/picking out oilcloth for diy projects/my boys and their baseballs.



  1. Beautiful photos. One day I'm going to catch up with technology and get myself an iphone just so that I can take instagram photos!

  2. OMG is that Gracie? How she has grown!!!

    That black dress is beyond pefect. It is killer!!!

  3. Excellent story again.
    Thanks. :=)

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