Friday, March 2, 2012


Hi Y'all

Happy Friday!

Over the many years, I have been collecting images in my head, of people who I have an admiration for, be it style or talent. I thought it was time to make some solid lists and start documenting them here, on my blog. Some of these people have been featured in previous post and some not, but they all catch my eye ( both old and new ). I am drawn to them for a common style aesthetic, certain ambitions, an interest we share, sheer talent or a just a bit of beautiful inspiration.

It dawned on me that I should do these types of posts more frequently, because I am inspired and allured by people all of the time! So here is my first official list of people.....

1. Iris Arfpel

image via {oyster magazine}

2. Ulyana Sergeenko

{image via pinterest}

3. Adele

image via {vogue}

4. Lana Del Rey

image via {pinterest}

5. Andre 3000

image via {pinterest}

6. Shirley Kurata

image via {refinery 29}

7. Claudette Colbert

image via {flickr}

Stay tuned for another series of these list soon, I plan on getting around to jot these down more frequently.

I hope you all enjoy your weekends and have something fun planned!



  1. Oh gosh they are all the majority of my inspirations love Andre and Ulyana and Lana!!! xx

  2. Yes! They are all so rad in some way or another!


  3. Lovely inspiration pieces! And speakin of which YOU have inspired me to wear capes starting next fall! haha

  4. Love all of these - especially Iris and Claudette

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