Friday, September 30, 2011

Hawley Lake

This past weekend my family and I decided we needed to take a little getaway. Away from the city to a place that is quiet, serene and provides a big open sky to think and gather thoughts under.

For us, that place is Hawley Lake, a quick 3 hour jaunt up north to the White Mountains of Arizona, tucked away on reservation land. I know it is hard to imagine that Arizona sees anything other than saguaro cactus, dirt and sunshine all the time, but there are spots in the state that  are cold, crisp and green. September is the perfect time to feel the air changing up there, because you still can't fill a thing until nighttime, down in Tucson. Here are some photographs from our little adventure in the mountains, enjoy!

Of course, if there is even the smallest little antique store on the side of the road, we ARE going to stop! We did, and I found the cutest little vintage treasure pins (cowboys & indians). they fit right in with the atmosphere and I went home with the boot pin (couldn't resist).

The local market had a really sweet vintage sign that was put up in the 1960s. I just love looking at vintage signs and typography, here is a quick snap of it...

A nice place to sit and reflect.

Enjoying some downtime, with my coffee and my doggie!

Our quaint little cabin door.

Camping food munchies.

A boy and his dog.

We can't wait to go back next year, and if the universe is on my side, that other cute little pin I wanted at the antique shop, will still be there, waiting for me to take it home.



  1. I just knew you would look glamourous and gorgeous on vacation.

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