Monday, September 13, 2010

Golden Garbs- Vision of a Senorita

My long love for the beauty of Mexican and Spanish culture and calendar girls, inspired me to take these pictures yesterday. I was already dressed for the occasion, as this is what I chose to wear to my Father's induction celebration, into the Tucson Musicians Museum, Hall of Fame. What inspired me even more to snap a photo, was the beautiful vision I saw as I stepped out onto the patio for some fresh air. The event took place at the beautiful and luxurious J.W. Marriott Starr Pass Resort.

If you ever plan to motor west, I suggest you visit this amazing resort. Nestled away from the city and at the foot of the Tucson Mountains. The warm open sky, thousands of saguaro cactus standing still in the breeze, and a backdrop view of panoramic mountains is worth the trip alone. A breathtaking view worthy of it's own linen postcard. This vision is what inspired me to artistically match my dress to the scene, and strike a pose deserving of a vintage Mexican calender girl. This is what I came up with.......


vintage 1930's dress: buffalo exchange
1930s inspired black t-strap shoes: mervyn's (3 years ago)
vintage red floral celluloid screw-back earrings: desert vintage
finger-waves and white gardenia hair clip

A few photos from my Dad's award ceremony.....

It was a nice day for us, and my Dad felt very honored to be recognized in the local musical community. I really hope that as Romeo was sitting there watching, and listening to all the great musical talent in the room. He also felt inspired to continue the music gene. His bank breaking drum lessons are worth the chance!



  1. You look utterly breathtaking.


  2. wow what a great dress find from Buffalo Exchange!

  3. A big congratulations to your Dad,you must be very proud of him:)
    You look utterly breathtaking in that dress!Gorgeousness at it's best:)

  4. Ha!I just read the other comments & realised i said the same thing as Annie,oh well great minds think alike lol.

  5. Thank you for all of your gracious comments ladies, you just made my day!

    Lots of Love

  6. You look so glamorous!!!

    ♥ Casey
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  7. Super lovely Syd! I adore that dress xx

  8. perfection!! Oh and congrats to your dad!! My pop's a musician, too, and I can only imagine how proud you must be of yours!

  9. Oh i literally gasped when i saw your dress! it is so beautiful, and you really have a lovely family too

  10. Oh, you look so beautiful-- and my god, that dress!! I have dreams about finding a dress like that. That first picture looks straight out of a 40s Southwestern pin-up calendar for sure!

    Congratulations to your dad, too! Looks like a lovely evening.

  11. Congratulations to your father! He looks shy but proud. Your interpretation of a calendar girl is wonderful. You look so beautiful.


  12. Garofit- Thank you!

    Casey- Thank you! I'm so glad you stopped by!

    Fleur- Thank you, we should do a dress swap! it would look lovely on you!

    Lizzy- Thank you sweetie!

    Baroness- Thank you for the lovely comment, I was pretty proud of my pop. Another thing we have in common. It would just be so much fun to meet you all someday!

    Lainie- Thank you so much!

    Dakota- Thank you! It really is one of my favorites too!

    Heather- Thank you! Ironically, he is a little shy....


  13. That dress is absolutely stunning and you look gorgeous! I love the whole look, and especially the swirling photo.

  14. Wow you look stunning, and full of grace. beautiful dress. And a lovely blog. dee ;-)

  15. ahhh you are so pretty I cant take it!!

    - Fashion Forestry

  16. I was googling mexican pin up pics to unload to my phone, and ran across your page. I am so glad I did! I share, like many women out there, the liking for vintage. But most of all I love the cultural pride you share on your blog.
    Viva la raza!!!!! I think this is a blog I will be following very closely. Btw you look stunning!

    ~Mrs. martinez