Friday, September 3, 2010

Golden Garbs- "She Wears Short-Shorts!"

In Tucson, we still have about another month or so of solid summer weather. It really doesn't start to feel cool here until October (anxiously awaiting). With that being said, you can still find me prancing around my backyard in shorts! Today's wardrobe was casual Friday for me- hair in the old scarf trick, and red tennis shoes to stomp around in!


1950's vintage high waist blue shorts- Desert Vintage
Floral print blouse- thrifted
Wanna-be Keds- Target

1950's vintage blue celluloid earrings- estate sale
1940's inspired Florida State scarf- a gift from a dear friend

Pick up your britches! (my son caught me off-guard here, but I actually liked it) despite my ugly legs, which I don't like-at all!

The flowers on my blouse actually match my earrings perfectly. I promise I didn't plan it. Got them on two completely separate shopping trips...huh- wouldn't you know?

Hope you all have a swell and well rested weekend!



  1. swit swoot! stunning! You have GREAT gams, doll. Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. The 40's scarf is gorrrrgeous! Cool Blog!

  3. Why thank you Baroness, your to kind!

    Dandy Man- Thanks! I love that scarf too, one of my favorites!


  4. Love this outfit, I have pink earrings that are very much like your pretty blue ones!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. Okay Syd, you have GREAT legs! I get more comments about your legs from the B&W shots we did last year!!!!

  6. I really wonder where and how you stock all your shoes and clothing... I am sure it is a "must-see" !!!!

  7. Bravo for your sharp site, trendy and forties, St├ęphane of

  8. I think your outfit is really cute!
    and I felt in love with al the shoes.