Thursday, September 30, 2010

Golden Garbs- Bows & Polka Dots!

Just a quick check in to let you all know...that I am still here! Sadly though, I am drowning underneath a pile of clothes, models & paperwork, trying to get things in order for my upcoming fashion show! I anticipated I would get a chance to post more frequently this week. Well..... as you can see that has not been the case, only {twenty four} little hours in a day. Between home, work, production meetings, pulling wardrobe, model fittings & style boards. These next couple of days are dedicated to working on the writing for the program, carefully describing each look and era the audience will view. I haven't even gotten a chance to scan the flyer for the show, or none the less tell you all what's it's all about! Here is the link to the event, and I hope to have most of my work done this weekend, and then plan to spending a little more time talking about the event next week. Then I can catch up with my style posts (which I can't wait to share!).

Enough rambling on, to get on with already! Here is my quick outfit post.....

What I wore to yesterday's production meeting .....

Vintage 1950's red & cream polka-dot circle skirt- Desert Vintage
Red bow cinch belt- Forever 21
Cream cardigan sweater- Desert Vintage
My favorite red t-strap shoes- Steve Madden
Vintage pearl jewelry- My Grandmother's

A 1950's inspired hair-do!

The bags under my eyes are proof of the lack of sleep these days! My mind tends to never let's me rest.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend planned ahead, and I look forward to catching up with you next week!




  1. nice style you look great! the skirt its very nice! xoxoxo

    kisses from mexico ;)

  2. Beautiful outfit!!You really are a gorgeous gal:)Luv your hat rack in the background.

  3. You look very beautiful, i love your skirt, and your hair is so elagant you just look very graceful. Good luck with the fashion show, look forward to your posts next week. Dee

  4. Wow that is a seriously awesome outfit! Love everything - you sweater, belt - everything but especially the shoes and your hair. I wish I could do my hair like that!

  5. what a divine ensemble... you look so lovely :)

  6. Oh Darling, you always have the best Style and Look.

  7. I have those same shoes! I love those babys so much! I think your outfit is just adorable. :D

  8. Love your hair 'do! :)

    ♥ Casey | blog

  9. You are all so kind, thank you for all the nice words!


  10. I love this Hairstyle! LOVE!!! You look amazing. Teach me!!!!! :)

  11. I was a little girl in the 1950s but had older sisters wearing circle skirts, big belts w/fancies, can cans, high heels and doing up their hair. I like the 50s look! but I like the 40's shoes . . . can only figure out my mama and aunts were wearing old shoes while the next, younger generation was dressing up.

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  13. You're so beautiful! Love your style.