Monday, August 23, 2010

Golden Garbs- Mix it up!

I think it's time for an outfit post folks!

My fashion inspiration today came from mixing the colors of blue & red together. Along with mixing a few pretty details from some different eras in fashion. No one era in particular, I threw together certain distinct elements that I happen to be fond of. Then mixed them all together to pull off a chic outfit. For example: I love the 1940's sweater girl look, the full mid-calf skirts of the 50's, and the t-strap style shoes of the 20's & 30's. So why not style them in harmony all together? I have always been devoted to the details, so this is where my fixation for accessories ( vintage jewelry imp-articular) come in. Accessories always complete the outfit and just add that finishing touch. Sort of like the final stroke of a painters brush, on his masterpiece. I think all those dainty details mesh well together don't you?

I love to use textiles and color in fashion, and some-days I feel like dressing head to toe in a specific era. Then other times I get in the mood to mix things up, from vintage pieces of different eras. I even get a thrill when my sharp-trained-eye finds new pieces that have a vintage aesthetic, to throw in the mix!

So today my outfit consist of:

Blue sweater- Forever 21 (thought it had a 1940's aesthetic to it)
Skirt- vintage 1950's (from Desert Vintage)
Shoes- Steve Madden (thought they had 1930's feel)
Red purse- vintage 1950's (thrifted)
Brooch- vintage 1930's (Desert Vintage)
Blue & white cameo earrings- vintage 1940's (thrifted) 

I decided to put my hair in a 1950's inspired high pony-tail (minus the bangs), simple & chic! Mostly because I was being lazy the night before & didn't put a set in my hair, but there is always a way to improvise!


  1. very pretty! love the addition of the red!

  2. wow, you look really cute

    xoxo lala

    come and visit me

  3. how fun and lovely! That's such a gorgeous blue!

  4. Love it! Gorgeous as ever Syd xx

  5. The red brooch is perfect, it really brings it all together. I love mixing the things I love best about eras together, and I'm always on the hunt for modern pieces with that vintage feel (much kinder on my wallet!)

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  7. Thank you for all the feedback! I am delighted to see that you all like the ensemble!