Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Golden Garbs- Black & Yellow

 Have you ever gone shopping in your own closet? You know, re-discover something you've had for a while, that just got shuffled to the back. That recently happened to me, when I was organizing my closet over the weekend, to prepare for the fall. I came across a few things that I had forgot about.....It was a nice little treat, like finding money you forgot you had, in your pocket! It was like having a new dress!

As I mentioned in my last fashion post, I get quite delighted when I find modern pieces of clothing, that identify a vintage aesthetic. This dress was one of those lucky finds, made by an indie designer! I picked this cute little black & yellow, floral-textile print up at my local Buffalo Exchange a few years back. It's a little higher above the knee then I'm used to for a dress (and maybe just a tad snugger than I remember-ha!), but none the less. I thought it had a 1940's cotton sundress look to it. Pretty sure the vintage feel of the fabric is what caught my eye in the first place! Well, that and I'm always a sucker for the color yellow. It was just too cute, and for 2 cents shy of 10 bucks (yes, I do remember what I dish out for things!), it just had to come home with me....So I brought it to life again!

The Dress

 The Fabric

The Shoes
(vintage 1940s)

The Accessories
(vintage ivory floral clip-on earrings & black snood)

The Head-Shot


  1. That hairstyles really suits you!

  2. What a lovely fabric. The dress looks great on you.

  3. what a great 'refind'! ;) you look fab!

  4. A big thank you, to all of you lovely ladies! You are all so kind...


  5. You look beautiful in that dress!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

  6. I love the way you have done your hair you suit it very well. And the red lipstick i wish i could do my hair like it but over here in England i would get a few strange looks i do when im walking about in my vintage dresses ;-)) Dee.

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