Thursday, March 11, 2010

Golden Girls Garbs- Argyles & Fingerwaves!

Hello lovely readers,

Happy Friday to you! Syd here; wishing you a swell weekend ahead.
I hope to get some downtime this weekend and catch up on some things. I have been such a crazy lady lately. Juggling my time between family, work, school & still trying to find the time to fit in my passions and hobbies is tough. It has been hard on me lately, but somehow it manages to pull itself together. I do apologize for the lack of creative or informational postings. I had mid-terms all week, and I am hoping that I pulled those off too! Test taking was never my first love-ha! I am definitely looking forward to a spring break in the week ahead!

I have lots of fun downtime planned with my family, and maybe a trip with my son to the Zoo. Also, some unfinished projects planned around the house, and a little freelance side gig; styling wardrobe for an amazing photo-shoot (more on that later).

So it's just a quick wardrobe post for now folks:) You know, the one's we all resort to when time is thin!


Vintage 1930's white blouse- Desert Vintage
Argyle vest- Goodwill
Vintage brown 1930's skirt- Thrifted
Red 1930's inspired t-strap shoes- Steve Madden


Green & pumpkin (not bright orange) colored marble swirl, thin Bakelite bracelets- Estate Sale
Pumpkin marble swirl Bakelite earrings- Estate Sale



  1. Looking as lovely as always

  2. I -love- this outfit! I've always been at a loss regarding argyle but you paired it with the perfect pieces and your hair looks fantastic!

  3. What a gorgeous outfit! I love the sweater!!

  4. Love love love


  5. hi! i gave you an award on my blog. come accept it!

  6. Yes yes yes, your blog is just soooo wonderful and gives me a lot of energy!

    A footprint from Sweden by Agneta

  7. You look great! I hate that my reader doesn't show you most of the time, but since I love your blog I pop in now and then to catch up!

    I left you an award here:

  8. I have the same problem as Angel does!

    Anyway, I adore argyle and this just my kinda outfit--totally the way I used to dress when I was still teaching college. GOREGOUS!

  9. Thank you for the awards and comments! I appreciate all of them!