Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from Vacation Part:2

Happy Monday!

So sorry that it has taken me such a long time to get the second part of this entry to you all. It's almost like you need another vacation from a vacation. Last week I seemed to be so busy getting things back in order around the house and some stuff checked off my to-do list.

I managed to find some time to sit down and sort through MOST of our vacation pictures. Which I am so excited to post. I also am a little upset and regret to say that we also lost some pictures from our day at Santa Monica beach. Sooo sad about that! That had to be my favorite day of memories!

That was the day that "I" (dingbat I can be at times!) left my camera battery on the charger in the hotel room. So I brought the camera, thinking in my mind that I did a good job in remembering everything we needed. Then realized when it wouldn't turn on. That I had left behind the battery! Luckily, my husband has a pretty decent camera on his phone. We took pictures that day with his camera. Whew! we were safe right? So we thought until.......

On our other beach day in San Diego; As we thought we were sitting far enough from the shore. We were all cozy and relaxed, then a huge wave came through making the water go far beyond it's normal breaking point. Taking our beach bag, towels, phone, etc. with it! We managed to run up to the wave in time to get our salt water drenched items back as the water slowly sucked it back into the ocean.

Well as you can imagine the phone was completely soaked! We thought that maybe there was a chance for survival if we got the phone dissected to air dry and brought it home to charge. No such luck! All the pictures from that day are gone! The representative from Verizon told us. That if we could at least just get the phone to turn on, he would be able to retrieve the pics for us. But nothing! not a single sign of life.

So I have to get over it and move on. Even though I am so disappointed that I don't have those memories on film to share and keep (only in my mind). I do have some other great pictures to share, so here they are....



Universal Studios, California

Did you know I can hold the world in the palm of my hands!

Got soaked after the Jurassic Park ride...So much for my hairdo the rest of the day. Ah! so much time spent pincurling the day before.

Union Station was amazing, I can just picture what it was like in the 1930's and 40's....can't you?

What an amazing vintage store!!

Me and Ashley just being our goofy selves

Beverly Hills Hotel Circa 1945

The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood California

The Graumans Chinese Theatre

Standing in front of Lana Turner's hand prints...

Dancing the Charleston at The Cicada Club's 1920's Revue

Night in the Roaring Twenties.....

Wearing: My late 1920's dress, Cloche hat, rolled wool stockings, t-strap shoes, pearls, fingerwaves and my 1920's make-up......

My family in 1920's styled by me.


  1. fun! and sorry about your photos being lost :(

  2. What wonderful outfits - and so appropriate for a vacation, too! You look gorgeous.
    Oh. I so badly want to go to the Cicada!!
    Sorry your lost some of your photos. =[
    -Andi x

  3. What a wonderful post!! Your outfits are spectacular!

    i'm sorry I'm not a regular commenter, by the way, for some strange reason your blog won't show up in any of my readers or anything! Boo!

  4. Thank you lovlies...Maybe by some miracle the phone will turn on again to retrieve pics...

    Thank you! I wonder why my blog won't show. Is it something on my end. Like a setting or something I can change? I am kind of a slow learner when it comes to this stuff LOL! HELP....


  5. Hi Syd,
    I am such a vintage girl it's not funny! I absolutely love the pics!! Your clothes are beautiful! In my english class we have to write a "modernised" Cinderella story and I decided to do the Roaring Twenties. I decided to have a look at some clothes (to get in the feel of the '20's) and I saw a pic of you and two friends - I decided to check it out! So I read everything (Shame about the photos) and wasted 10 mins of writing time - oh well, it was worth it!! It was wonderful!

  6. Hello Syd.
    I was wondering where you got your roaring twenties dress. My friend is having a roaring twneties party and i can't find anything to wear and then i saw yours and i really liked that dress.

  7. hey, the pictures are great. ^^
    But I noticed your third to the last picture... where's your left hand on that picture?