Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Afternoon,

I am posting a pic of a pair of fabulous 1940's tooled leather pumps. I recently found these at a local vintage store in downtown Tucson. I absolutely love these shoes, they are gorgeous and in really good condition. These pumps are very reminiscent of Tucson in the 1940's. They are a Mexican style that was very popular in this neck of the woods during that era. They were almost like a souvenir stating that someone had traveled to this part of the United States in search of Arizona's rich Mexican and western culture, lifestyle, traditions and heritage. They are the perfect addition to the Spanish Senoritas outfit. I will pair them with my 1940's Mexican peasant blouse and skirt. I was fortunate enough to inherit a tooled leather purse from the 1940's that was my Nana's. They are almost the exact same color and will match perfectly. Oh yeah! and I can't forget about the gardenia in my hair. I will also be sure to post more pics when I am fully dressed.

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