Friday, January 3, 2014

Bon Weekend!

Here’s to starting the first weekend of the new year off right!

Indulge next to fresh flowers, and take some time to curl up with a good book. Take your time to slowly soak in the morning and make breakfast at home. Throw your hair up in a messy bun and get lost in the sounds of inspiring music. Take a spur of the moment road trip to discover a new destination and maybe find a little vintage treasure to come home with. Perhaps take a nice long bath to get ready for the busy week of making new plans ahead!

Don't all of these things sound just lovely?

Bon weekend!



  1. These do all sound good - and spooky, as I bought myself flowers today, have been at home for the past 17 days (so have made a good breakfast everyday), learnt how to do a different kind of bun in my hair the other day, and have also been indulging in books and baths. It's all good! Happy New Year xx

  2. yes it all sounds lovely! Happy New Year!