Friday, February 10, 2012

Raspberry Beret

I just can't seem to shake my habit for wearing my red beret these days.

You caught me with (so to speak) with my pants down, the last two days in a row!


red beret- the kind you find at second hand store: thrifted
white ruffle blouse: vintage
red and navy crop jacket: h&m
belt: f21
blue and gray hounds-tooth circle skirt: vintage 1950s
red shoes:


Inspired by my longing for Paris:
again....the beret!
black and white stripe top: target
denim wide leg, high waisters: old navy (a few years back)
red shoes:



  1. I have a red military beret that I really love too. Those high-waisted jeans are awesome.

  2. Adore both looks! I have a creamy white beret I wear year round. Seems to go with everything!


  3. @ Lady Danburry_ Thank you! I purchased them at Old Navy about 5 years ago! I love that they are so timeless.

    @ Solanah- Oooh! Yes! I have a cream one too, they are so comfortable and easy to just throw on-instant chic right?


  4. I have a military beret, red KOPASANDA forces which I really love too

  5. I had original jeans like that back in the 70s. What memories! I'm going to ebay to see if I can find me an Old Navy pair . . . do enjoy following you. Thanks!