Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas with Instagram!

I was able to capture a few of our Christmas moments with none other than Instagram! I hope you all had a very special holiday season and quality time with plenty of friends, family and good food!

My late night baking buddy, helping mama in the kitchen!

Mrs. Claus has a bee-hive!

My Christmas Eve cardigan.

Down to four generations! My granny turned ninety years old on Christmas Eve.
(scary eyes...)

Granny's colorful pot roast dinner was on the menu for Christmas Eve
(she's still sharp as a tact).

A pre-teen Christmas means less, but more-expensive gifts. This year's list consisted of  I-pod goodies, clothes, shoes, Wii games and a couple little stocking stuffer's (domo, dunny, books, and garbage pail kid cards). My how the time flies from gifting simple toy trucks and Lego's!

Christmas morning coffee and cookies.

Christmas morning snuggles with papa 
(that I believe, you never get too old for).

The boys know what mama always needs!

My shiny new pair of Mary Janes from the hubby, he also knows what mama likes!

New frames for my on-going mirror collage project in the living room.

My Christmas day in the desert dress!

 A pretty green Christmas coat and brooch.


Tamales and eggs- a Christmas tradition at our house.

Late night comfort drinks, games and snacks. 

Christmas comes and goes so fast, after the months of preparation- gifting, decorating, baking and cooking, then with the blink of an eye it's gone! It's always a bittersweet feeling to put the decorations away, but before you know it that Christmas feeling comes around again! I am looking forward to a new year with lots of new goals and finished plans in the works!


red 1950s cardigan- Desert Vintage (Tucson, AZ)
1950s tartan print dress- Diamond Lil's Vintage (Tucson, AZ)
green 1950s wool coat with fox trim- Desert Vintage (Tucson, AZ)


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and viewing the pictures. You guys really know how to bring Christmas its true meaning. I feel very fortunate to be your neighbor and friend. Happy new year and may we finish some big projects in 2012!!

  2. Your coat is gorgeous. Just lovely.

  3. Fantastic gifts, very lucky girl to have relatives that know you taste so well.

    You look totally divine in every single shot.

    PS Gorgeous family and Happy New Year.


  4. Beautiful! And now I am craving tamales and a new coat!! Happy New Year!

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