Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vintage Trinkets: Toy Stove

While trotting through all the amazing little antique shops in Bisbee, AZ. I stumbled across this cute little vintage toy stove. I always wonder about the story behind the things I find. For instance; this stove is just one lingering piece, to what was once a whole set of toy household appliances. Did this once belong to a happy little girl in the 1950's, who quietly entertained herself by mocking her mother's actions in the kitchen? Was she inspired and eager to learn the life skill of cooking?

I think it's the inner little girl, still living inside me, that draws my eye to appreciate these little trinkets of cuteness. I love to find things like this, and give them a new home. I found the perfect spot for it on a shelf in my kitchen! Across from my real stove, a mini-version if you will....It fits in quite nicely I have to say!


  1. Your posts are finally showing up in my blog list! Yay!

  2. It's so cute. I love vintage toys, too, but don't have any. My mum had a little iron from when she was a child but my sister took it. =[
    -Andi x

  3. love your blog

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  4. Betty- So glad, I think I finally fixed the problem!

    Andi- Oh I know! I love the cute little household appliances, so cute! I have one of those little irons too. Imagine if I had a daughter-lol!

    Rule of Fashion- Thank you! I will be sure to swing by...


  5. i just had to comment as i had a toy stove very similar to that when i was little. thanks for sharing and bringing back the happy memories!

  6. That's so cute :) And looks great in your kitchen.

    I used to have a little "shop" as a kid, a small shelf with glass (or well, plastic) drawers that originally had belonged to some older relative of mine. My grandparent's bought candy for the drawers and everyone had to come and "shop" from my store, all them time. When the candy sold out I replaced them with small rocks and stones. I had a great time but I guess it was less amusing for my parents to 'shop' from morning 'til night...

  7. This is an excellent way of presentin'em !!

    Love the display !!! Give me ideas for my tomado shelves in kitchen... Needs improvement !


  8. Ooh, love this little nook in your kitchen. Especially the green and red color scheme. I'm ogling your bread box!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  9. I have the salt and pepper shakers in the top photo, butin red. Love the chrome toothpick dispenser. I think every small town cafe in Iowa had one. I have an aluminum bread box but newer then your great one. I do enjoy your posts and photos.