Thursday, August 5, 2010

Golden Garbs- Summer Suits!

The Summer Suit

Heaven knows I love the chic-polished look of a vintage tailored suit! Just because it's summertime, doesn't mean that I'm going to put the thought of wearing one, on the shelf for a few months! Summer suits made of lightweight linen or cotton fabrics, with a short sleeve, are a ladies alternative choice to wearing a suit in the summertime!

Here I am in one of my summer suits, in a light green (almost gray) linen fabric, with navy blue buttons!

(1940's navy mesh style wedges)

A few more sewing patterns of summer suit inspiration!

Any one of these suit ensembles would be lovely paired with a straw summer hat...
(Flickr photostream)


  1. I am looking for 1940's dress's for a USO 40's b-day party my twin and I are having for our 40th. We have been searching for months for that right dress. I love this pattern for a dress. I am not sure which is the best route to go trying to find one or make one....any ideas?

  2. Hi, Syd! I want to thank you for your kind comments on my blog. They were really greatly appreciated! Onto your outfit: Doll, you look like one of those fashion illustrations come to real-life. Stunning as always!

  3. Julie- Sounds like fun! I would definitely stay tuned to Etsy or Ebay, for patterns.There are always some amazing ones for sale, good luck!

    Baroness- You are too kind,thank you doll!

    Miss Woody- Thanks!


  4. I love sewing patterns. I love 1950s and 60s sewing patterns. I do NOT love sewing . . . but will love whoever sews something for me. : )

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