Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Summer & Beach Inspiration!

It's no question that summertime brings thoughts & memories of the beach to mind, a pastime of free entertainment for many generations before us! I have to say that every time I come across vintage images of lovely sun kissed bathing beauty's soaking up the sand, in there cute suits and round sunglasses, I just eat them up! I love to look at old candid photos of people relaxing and having a carefree good time at the beach, looks like a much simpler time no doubt. Somehow they are always beautiful in black & white or technicolor, captured in the moment! So are the beauties simply posed with a gorgeous glow on their face. Another favorite image of mine, are the old color linen travel postcard advertisements for the beach. Just one look and it's so inviting, makes you want to getaway right in the moment! Come summertime, I'm definitely always ready to pull out my bathing suit, sunglasses and canopy and take a trip with the family to the beach!

Here are a few of the images and things , that set the mood and inspiration for a day of fun at the beach!

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

This time, I thought instead of posting pics of my own items. It would be nice to post items for sale, to give new collectors an idea or reference point for similar items, of things to add to their collections, if they don't already have them!

This 1940's yellow two piece suit from Glamoursurf! Might I mention, she always has bundles of stunning vintage suits in her inventory!

To match are these 1940's era rubber kedette beach sandals on Etsy! In perfect dead stock condition, too bad they are not my size!

Another amazing suit, a 1947 Schiaparelli swimsuit, that is totally museum worthy and out of my price range! My friend Ashley, found this one and sent me the link. I just like to gawk over it....and thought you might too!

Paired with this 1940's beach jacket cover up to match!

Of course a pair of sunglasses....

And last, but not least a lovely vintage plaid umbrella with a Lucite handle, to take a little siesta from the sun!

I hope you enjoy this post, and it inspires to you to go out and have a picnic at the beach!



  1. I adore summer! So happy it is nearly officially here!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  2. The kedettes are my size, but
    i'm being good! I'd love them :-)

  3. what fun pictures! i think the retro style bathing suit is always so adorable...and those sunglasses are too cool!
    xox alison

  4. droolsville!!! Those kedettes are amazing! eeks!

  5. love these pics! your blog is lovely, happy to find it. hope you stop by and say hello.

  6. never had an umbrella until I was 17 and employed. Had a darker version of this . . . with a plastic handle, I suppose. Surely wasn't lucite in the late 60's.