Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just following up.....on empty promises

Hi there,

So sorry for the delay in promised postings, I was experiencing some computer problems last week.

SO to play catch-up I have a few photos from some recent adventures and then back on track as of next week...

First off is the wardrobe I styled for Black Cat Vintage! This little vintage boutique is amazing and she has some incredible pieces in her collection. Such as the 1950's brocade dress that belonged to Betty Grable! She has pieces in her collection from the 1920's through the 1970's, so in this shoot, we had an eclectic feel and mix of displaying different era's of fashion, to show and accommodate all buyers interested in different decades of fashion.....

The shoot took place at the swanky Valley Ho, a fabulous mid-century oasis located in sunshine blessed Scottsdale, Arizona! Built in 1956, it saw it's share of by-gone celebrities from the era, and I had so much fun styling this shoot! There were quite a few pics to choose from, so I will only post a few....They will all soon be up on her website!

Amazing 1920's monkey fur coat!

Onto the next update...the recent fashion show! Another fabulous hit in the community sharing the fashions and history of vintage clothing changes through the decades, "The Evolution of Fashion Show" took place two weeks ago at The Tucson Museum of Art, thanks to Tucson Young Professionals-First Fridays. Folks came out to observe a full runway show and a visual fashion time line, displaying actual mannequins dressed in fashions from the 1920's through the 1970's as well as educational tid-bits of info to read, such as what economical or political changes through the decades also took an effect on the fashion industries. Usually, my personal interest in vintage fashion, cuts off at the 1960's, but I did have tons of fun styling an Afro and Donna Summer look! Something for everyone right? As a stylist I have to be versatile, educated and accomplished in many different ways.....This was another collaboration with the fabulous Claudine of Black Cat Vintage! I had full freedom to play dress up in her store, using all her fashions and styling 6 lovely models in full regalia (hair & makeup included). This show was especially unique because of our runway finale. We had a beautiful lady dressed in a late 1800's style inspired gown, that was a couture piece reproduced by Oscar De La Renta in the 1970's (another incredible piece from Claudine's collection). I had so much fun doing the period hair & makeup for this look. We even got a write up in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine!
Here's a few photos I borrowed from some of the talented photographers on-site......

The 1800's inspired Oscar De La Renta couture gown!

Me & Claudine working the runway....
That's the 1950's brocade dress that belonged to Betty!!

I wore my 1940's purple rayon crepe gown with matching gloves and rhinestone accessories.

I had fun styling the 1970's Afro and gold glitter cat eyes on our Donna Summer look alike and also the cute 1950's pixie haircut!

Moving right along; over the last month, I have done two pretty exciting photo shoots! The first one as you know from a prior posting, was for the lovely and talented Miss Matilda owner of Able Grable's clothing line. A beautiful line of carefully vintage inspired, reproduced clothing, all authentically inspired from the gorgeous fashions of the glamorous era's past! I was thrilled to find out shortly after the release of photos, that I made the cover of The Guernsey Press, the Channel Islands national newspaper, where Miss Matilda resides. That is located in the Channel Islands between southern Great Britain and northern France in the English Channel. Of course the dresses and informational article were amazing! Congratulations on your 2 page spread-Miss Matilda!!

The second photo shoot is pretty exciting for me and something that I haven't done before, but a style of shoot that I have wanted to emulate for quite sometime!

Author Bill Raetz of World Espionage Bureau, recently asked me to do a cover shoot for his most recent Pulp Novel! What better way to get a chance to recreate this image, then on a cover of an actual Pulp Novel writer's upcoming book!! Of course as of right now the book is still in production so I can't spoil the cover image, but I have been given permission to post another picture that was not chosen for the cover, from this shoot. Keep in mind that this image has also not been edited in a Pulp finish, but the final product will. I can't wait for you all to see it! So here is a sneak peek of me in my mean, cigarette smoking, dark alley, damsel look....

Photos taken by loanna photography

Please do check out Bill's blog, he is an amazing writer and has been infatuated and educated in Pulp Novel writing since he was a small child! I will be sure to keep you posted on it's release...

Chat with you soon...Have a swell weekend!!



  1. I am terribly jealous of all these exciting projects you have going on! Even the ones you have been meaning to get to are creative and inspiring. I need to balance out my time better. :)

  2. you did a wonderful job! you are so talented & beautiful.

  3. Lolita- Enjoyed your visit! Looking forward to making that idea a reality!

    Bree- Thanks so much, that is so sweet of you to say!