Thursday, May 6, 2010

Always a Gingham Gal!

Hidy ho there!

Today's wardrobe is all about the Gingham! You know! that comfortable lightweight cotton fabric, that's pretty much a go-to classic staple in the vintage wardrobe (especially in summertime), and every vintage clothing enthusiast has at least one article of clothing in it (I think)...... be it a sundress, blouse, shorts or even a classic western shirt!

Well as I opened up this month's issue of In-Style Magazine (pg. 150-152), there it was! A whole entry dedicated to GINGHAM, encouraging women that it is in-style, can be fashionable and how they should wear it! Well as much as I was excited to see the wonderful displays of gingham cuteness, in a 2 page spread. Along with the lovely photos of Ingrid Bergman, Brigitte Bardot and Princess Diana, all rockin the gingham. I have to say that I chuckled a little bit, due to the fact that I have been proudly sporting gingham since I was knee high to a grasshopper!

Yup! there it is- my green and white vintage gingham print dress from the 1950's, that I wore as a little girl in the early 80's. All nicely handed down and preserved for the daughter that I don't have-(he-he!) That's o.k, it was just too cute for my Mother to give away, so of course she handed it to me! She didn't know back then that she would have a daughter who turned out to be a vintage clothing horse-lol! So technically does this mean that I have been wearing vintage clothing since I was three years old??

So here I am twenty something years later and still in love with gingham. Through the years I have added several gingham pieces to my here is my contribution to the pages of In-Style Magazine!

Wearing one of my favorite gingham dresses!
A late 1940's black and white print with embroidery stitching in the front and bottom of the skirt.

As much as I love being all glammed up in rhinestones gowns and gloves, I still love to put on a comfortable cotton gingham print dress, a classic that will never go out of style for me. Kinda the same way I feel about dungarees, and a pair of Keds- it like ahhh... that's comfortable!

I would love to hear if any other gals out there feel the same way, and if so- show me your favorite gingham garment.


Gingham gal for life~Syd


  1. I have been doing the house work in my gingham swirl today, hanging up my gingahm bunting, which I shall blog later in the week xxx


  2. i love the gingham!! your little dress is so sweet Syd!!

    here i am in a b/w gingham western style day dress:

    and my red/white gingham swirl

  3. Oh Syd, I love your blog!!!! Beautiful designs and pictures... !!!

  4. Miss Matilda- Love it!

    Shrinky Inky- Beautiful dress, you look lovely!

    Doris Plaster- Thank you so much!


  5. I just adore gingham! I don't have very much, though. =[ And no vintage gingham, either! It doesn't seem to be very easy to come by here - I don't recall ever seeing anything older than the 70s in gingham at charity shops or vintage stores. Sigh! I must have to peruse etsy, I think.
    -Andi x

  6. gingham is fantastic, I agree!! You make it look classic!

  7. awesome outfit ... and the hair and make-up is just fantastic!!

  8. Wowww,love ur green dress, very lovely vintage and ur blog is awesome.
    Keep up the good work syd ;)

  9. I love love LOVE gingham!!
    Here is my twirly gingham skirt!