Thursday, April 1, 2010

A positive update & an outfit for Mom!

Today, a week after my last post. I am happy to be updating the status of my Mother, with all positive news!

She is making so much progress towards recovery. Just this last Sunday, she was excabated from the ventilator and sedation medications, then on Monday she passed all her swallowing test and was able to have the feeding tube removed, and started on a soft foods diet! Then just this morning, we received some wonderful news, that she has been cleared out of a critical state, into a stable condition. With the possibility of moving into a regular room as soon as today!

We have come along way from this time last week. She is such a strong woman, and is determined to make a full recovery. Even at her worst days, when she was struggling to breathe, and in an induced coma. She would try to open her eyes, and squeeze our hands. To reassure us she was fighting and full of faith for a recovery! At my weakest moments of fear, I never gave up hope that she would! She has survived through the worst part, and the doctor's say that from here, we should expect her to fully recover. Of course it will take time and she will need some physical & speech therapy, but that is peanuts compared to what she went through!

She already has a head start, as she continues to mumble a few words and she successfully sat up in a chair. Also with assistance, she walked to use the regular potty! When suffering a massive brain injury as she did, those little things matter so much and are huge steps to a successful recovery. Believe it or not, she can communicate with us through writing. Sometimes she spells words incorrectly or gets confused, but its enough to understand what she is trying to say. I am so thankful to see her awake, alert and able to slowly communicate. She has such an optimistic spirit and sense of humor about the whole thing. Of course she would, she is just that type of person.

The last few days of positive progression, have given us a peace in our hearts. That with some therapy, she is going to be o.k. We are just so thankful, that she lived through this injury to be here with us much, much longer. The Lord has been good to us, helping us get through this tribulation. It has definitely changed our lives, but when you have him on your side. You can get through it, to see the grace & peace that comes after the storm. She has stunned the doctor's and nurses caring for her. Working in the Neurology ICU, they have cared for many patients, and have all said they cannot believe her progress. One nurse told me that, if one survives through what she did. It can take 3 months to do what she did in 3 weeks. She is a miracle, and I fully believe in them, and the power of prayer!

On a lighter note, living at the hospital the last couple of weeks. You can imagine how emotionally draining and tiring it is. I had definitely not been in the mood or had an ounce of energy to dress up. That was all fine and dandy when Mother was in and out of sedation. Well, let me tell you as soon as she felt better and had that ventilator out. She was trying to communicate with me and ask me why I wasn't dressed up! My Mother has always been my number one fan, when it comes to dressing in Vintage, so I decided to cheer her up yesterday and dress up for her visit.

(hence the dark circles & all)

We have been running on adrenalin for 3 weeks, and now that things are slowing down and looking up. We been coming home to rest at night and recharge our batteries. Even though I am still exhausted and just catching up, I manged to muster enough energy to actually put some makeup on and curl my hair yesterday. It has been tied up in a scarf for weeks! As soon as I walked into her room, my Mother's eyes lit up and she was so happy to see me dressed up, it really made her day! She was trying to tell the nurses about my clothing, but couldn't get it out. Even when she is trying to recover, she is still the proud Mother she always was! I am so happy & thankful to see her smiling face again!



  1. You look great Syd. I'm glad your Mother is on the mend. I hope all is well. My thoughts are with you.

  2. So glad to hear your mother is heading towards recovery!!!!!
    you look great! A great way to cheer up your mother!

  3. You look wonderful , so glad your dear mother is in recovery.x.

  4. Thanks God your mom is getting better!! You look great as always!

  5. So happy to hear the good news. Tears welled up in my eyes when you mentioned that your mom is your #1 fan about your dressing vintage. God bless!

  6. So happy to hear of her feeling better! My aunt went through that years ago here in Phx and made a full recovery...well except she lost her sense of taste (so odd!) and had a hard time saying a few words.
    I know your mom will be just fine and I am so happy to hear the improvements.
    Much love to all of your family