Monday, February 15, 2010

"The WWII Sweetheart"

So sorry it's the day after Valentine's Day, but I was so busy with all of my fashion show stuff yesterday. I didn't get a chance to sit at the computer and share to share this bit of news.

I wrote another article for Queens of Vintage, this time in honor of the Sweethearts of WWII. I thought it would be a lovely way to celebrate Valentine's Day, by remembering the incredible women of this time and a hint of the romance and charm during their heyday, I hope you enjoy!

Also "The Little Black Dress Fashion Show", was a success and we had a huge turnout. The styling of 1920's-1960's wardrobe, hair and makeup turned out fabulous, and I can't wait to put up some pictures. Those will be coming soon!

Hope you all had a swell Valentine's Day!



  1. Well, I would like to see those photos! I'll go to vintage queens later to read the article.

  2. Just loved this article. It really made me appreciate the meaning of my own Lane hope chest (which was made in the 80s, but is 40s style). xoxo