Friday, January 8, 2010

Golden Girls Garbs

Hello Folks,

I have decided that instead just calling my wardrobe post; well just that! I am going to name the title of my wardrobe or styling entries "Golden Girls Garbs"

That will be the new call name to look out for in your blog rolls! If you even get to see my blog show up there. Geez, lately I have been having so many problems with people not being able to view my blog. I apologize for that, and hope Google gets these kinks ironed out soon!

Anywhoo, here is the first wardrobe entry under the new name, Golden Girls Garbs!

Outfit Details:

Green Vintage late 1940's Orlon crop sweater- Thrifted
Green and brown Vintage 1940's wool plaid skirt- Thrifted
Brown 1940's inspired pumps- Mossimo @ Target
Green and brown carved bakelite bangles- Razzle Dazzle Vintage
Green carved bakelite earrings- Pasadena Flea Market
Brown chiffon scarf tied around my ponytail


  1. You look lovely Syd. I especially like how everythimg ties in together so well.

  2. Love your outfit and your victory rolls!! By the way, weren't you gonna change the color of your hair?

  3. Oh, I -love- the double row of buttons! The blouse color is gorgeous! Doesn't Target have the best shoes! They have some super cute ones online!!

  4. Thank you for all your lovely comments!

    Lizzy- Yes! on the verge of becoming a reality....

    va-voom vintage- Thank you, yes I always manage to find some cute vintage inspired re-pro's