Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golden Girls Garbs- Black & Yellow

Another rainy day here in the Old Pueblo! So that means a flat hair day (he-he!) My thick frizzy hair does not do well in the moist weather, the curls just fall right out. As you can see in the picture below, that was the case yesterday!

I really enjoy the rain, but only for a short period of time (like no more than two days in a row) and I like it when it comes in spurts. I don't think I could live in a location where it constantly rains. I need my sunshine! Oh well, I am not complaining too much, we really needed the water. Our desert was so dry, it just drank it all up!

Sorry lovely bloggers, all I have for today is an outfit post....

So here is what I wore yesterday, as I ventured out into the morning rain! At the moment I took this picture, the drizzle had stopped and I was able to take off my coat for a quick second. It wasn't really too cold, just gloomy and overcast.


Outfit Details:

Yellow and black paisley print 1940's era set- made from a 1946 pattern
Black 1940's inspired hi-vamp shoes- BC Footwear
Black 1940s glass bead earrings- Razzle Dazzle Vintage
Black 1940's coat and corde purse- not shown

I think I just like the color yellow with anything really!


  1. You look lovely with your hair down. Just like Veronica Lake used to wear it. Keep up the GREAT looks. -Jacqueline

  2. Gorgeous set you look quite cheery on such a gloom day!


  3. your hair looks wonderful.. you look smashing. so beautiful!

  4. Very nice outfit! Love your hair! By the way, you said you will change the color, did you change your mind?

  5. I think your hair looks exquisite here (as does your face and sunny ensemble....just stunning)

  6. Thanks for all the lovely compliments, you ladies are so sweet!

    Lizzy- I still am thinking about going red. I got cold feet, when the color specialist that was recommended moved to California on a whim.

    I have been doing my research and taking my time, due to the fact that red is such a hard color to get just right. I am fearful of the orange! This will be the first place I post pics, when I take the plunge...