Monday, December 14, 2009

Vintage Christmas Linens

Happy Monday lovely readers!

With the Christmas spirit heavy in my home. Over the past few weeks, I have been putting out the Christmas decorations, that I have collected over the years. I also went to a yard sale over the weekend, in which I acquired a few new ones to add, a whopping .25 cents an ornament! I try to add a few more every year. You used to be able to buy Vintage Christmas decorations by the plenty, and at reasonable prices too.

I find that gets harder each year, as the popularity of Vintage Christmas decorations grows. I saw some in an antique store the other day for $7.00 a piece, whew! While I was doing some baking over the weekend, I had a thought for a blog post. I love this time of year, simply for the old fashioned spirit, coziness, decorations, yummy baked goods and food, but also because I love to take out and use all of my Vintage Christmas linens!

I snapped a quick photo of a few of my favorites (tablecloth, apron, hankie). How many of you are also addicted to collecting vintage linens?


  1. You have a wonderful collection of vintage linens. Doesn't it feel so good when having them in use. They make the most beautiful memories specially during the Holiday Season. I love the stitched dish towels with dancing kittens, duckies, little lambs etc...I'm sure you probably have some. When going to Flea-markets, I'm always looking out for this precious items. Thanks for sharing part of your collection with all of us. Your Friend, Jacqueline

  2. Those are darling! Count us in among the vintage linen addicts!