Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Outfits.

My how the time flies, I cannot believe that we are already in the first week of December. Whew! I swear there are just not enough hours in a day to get everything done.

Thanksgiving just blew by and now we are moving right into the Christmas craziness! Personally Christmas is my favorite Holiday. I look forward to it every year, and really try hard not to spoil it with the frustrations of sales, traffic, crazy shoppers, tired attitudes and so on. It is not what Christmas is supposed to be about in the first place. I enjoy baking, decorating, listening to Christmas music, family time, giving, and the whole spirit of the season. The old fashioned way I guess you could say. People get to caught up in the materialistic side of things, they forget to enjoy the Holiday, and instead make it a burden. That's no fun!

More to come on the Christmas season as the weeks move closer. Sorry, I guess I just had to share that thought, since I already had my first run-in with a rude lady at the store last night. When did people forget to use their manners and be decent to one another!

Anywhoo, enough of that! Here are a few outfit pics that I wanted to post in the meantime. The first one is well overdue, being that it was my Thanksgiving outfit. Gosh, I wish that I could have one of the lovely feather print rayon dresses, that I talked about in my QofV article. No such budget or luck at the moment. So instead I tried to incorporate the colors and feather's of Thanksgiving!

The quality of the picture is not that great, nor is the setting. We just had a family member take a quick snap after we ate dinner at my in-law's house. So excuse the stuff in the background and on the floor, also the expression of stuffed with turkey and mashed potatoes, that shows all over my face and stomach, but the point is there right?

Outfit Details:

1940's feather hat- How Sweet it Was Vintage
1940's yellow blouse- Buffalo Exchange
1940's green gabardine skirt- Tucson Thrift
Brown 1940's era inspired pumps- Mossimo (another past Target find )
Bakelite earrings and bracelets- A mix of local estate sale finds and gifts

My next outfit is what I sported yesterday. I had quite a bit of running around to do, in preparation for the Vintage Fashion Show and Fair event that I am organizing for in 2010. More information on that to follow as well. Right now we are still in the beginning stages of meetings, planning, organizing, etc. I have quite a few plans for the Vintage loving community in 2010. Due to some recent, but GOOD changes (loss of demanding, frustrating, time consuming job!) in my life in early 2009. It has allowed me to give more full time attention to some of my passions, plans and things that I have wanted & needed to do for a while. Not only that, but put my life meaning, love, goals and priorities in perspective again. I am sure that I am not the only one, who gets bogged down in a comfort zone, goes with the flow, and just put's up with crap for a steady paycheck. Geez, I guess I just feel like chatting today! I am in a much better place and will stop rambling on now. On to the purpose of this post, the picture!

Outfit Details:

1940's rayon half-moon print dress- Desert Vintage
1940's inspired red wedges- Rocket Originals
Fully fashioned seamed stockings- Local Estate Sale
WWII Victory and Roosevelt pins- Ebay
Bakelite cherry earrings- Razzle Dazzle Vintage
Red Bakelite bracelet- Estate Sale

Thanks for taking the time to listen to me blab on and on!

Syd Divine


  1. Let just say that during the Holiday Season people do go crazy.From rudeness... to crossing in front during waiting line...I have experienced it first hand. I just think people have lost all sort of knowledge on manners. Anyway, you look so beautiful... as always. I've been reading your blog often. I appreciate all the advise you have to give. Thanks for being a wonderful gal. Your friend, Jacqueline

  2. The Darling Housekeeper- Thank you for your feedback. I absolutely agree! People live to fast and are always in a hurry to get where? Thank you for your lovely comment, I am thrilled that you like to read my blog!


  3. I can't wait to hear more about the vintage event! Don't keep us waiting too long!

  4. Yes yes yes....your blog is a true gem and.... me like like like! I leave a swedish footprint behind me!

    Peace & Love


  5. Thank you for your comment...You always look adoreable...

  6. Those are great photos. You look fantastic. Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

  7. Lolita- Of course darling! You are close enough to attend these events too!

    Sinnlighet- Thank you so much!

    Gingeyginge- You are very welcome, thank you!

    Keith- Thank you for the lovely comment!

  8. You look fantastic in both outfits, but I especially adore your gorgeous 1940s dress. You have such an incredibly wonder way with putting together marvelous authentic looking outfits (by which I mean looks that could have been lifted straight from the 40s themselves).

    Best of luck with all wonderful sounding projects and for everything in 2010!
    ♥ Jessica