Friday, September 11, 2009

What is blue, white & has red polka dots all over?

ME! (te-he-he)….

Just thought I would do a quick outfit post and wish everyone a Happy Friday and a swell weekend!

I had my mom snap a quick wardrobe pic of me in front of my favorite spot, Desert Vintage on 4th Avenue. We had a nice lunch and then decided to take a stroll down the Avenue. I was feeling WWII Patriotic on the home front and decided to dress in red white and blue! I have also taken a moment of silence to remember the heartache that our country faced this September day, eight years ago. Just like our fellow soldier's and citizens at war before us, we as American's have strength, unity and will prevail!

Blouse- handmade from a 1940's pattern
Trousers- handmade from a 1940's pattern
Shoes- Rocket Originals reproduction 1940's wedge in Georgia Red
Purse- Vintage 1940's from Desert Vintage Boutique on 4th Avenue
Accessories- red Bakelite bracelet, Bakelite cherry earrings and red chiffon scarf
Hair- 1940's forward roll bangs and the back rolled under my scarf

Oh yeah! I realized that I forgot to put on my Patriotic pins (Roosevelt & Victory) after I left home. That's what happens when I am rushing out the door! So technically, my outfit was incomplete.....

So that's all folks! Does anyone have any special plans for the weekend?


Syd Divine

P.S- Please take a moment to remember September 11th. I have attached some photos of America's Victories and strength prevailed!

God Bless America!


  1. You look adorable,,,as usual. I come to your blog quite often and enjoy my little visit each time. I'm such a vintage lover myself, but have a harder time finding the things I love in the larger sizes. All of your links here are wonderful, so yours is the first stop when I need a vintage fix. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I hit an estate sale recently, and am washing, and fluffing up outfits to get listed. So much fun! (Of course, tt would be more fun if they had fit me!)

  2. Thank you Melony! I really appreciate that! Oh! Estate sale finds are sooo much fun, how exciting! I will look forward to seeing your goodies.....


  3. Glasses suits you very always gives an intelligent look but it also gives you a cheeky and cute face...

    I wish I could have glasses ! booo !

    Mlle Coco

  4. Look at your wide leg trousers! So cute!!

  5. Amazing outfit, sweet dear, you pull off wearing high-waisted, wide legged trousers like they were created just for you. (On petite, short legged me, the results are rarely pretty ;P)

    Thank you very much for your wonderful comments, Syd, it's always a joy to hear from you!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica