Thursday, September 24, 2009

My weekend get away!

Hello lovely bloggers,

It has been a while since I checked in. I hope everyone had a really nice weekend. I enjoyed a lovely weekend trip with my family up to The White Mountains of Arizona. My darling husband rounded our family up together and planned a quick weekend getaway to some cooler, fresh mountain air. Lots of family time, laughs & stories around the campfire, good food, fishing and relaxing serenity in nature's beauty was all around me this past weekend. I couldn't ask for anything better. Here are a few photos I would like to share of some of our mountain memories...

The little taste of winter weather I experienced this past weekend. Definitely got me in the mood to talk about Vintage Winter clothing. I had planned to post a blog about that last week, however ran out of time preparing for the trip. I promise to be on the subject this week, as I am already behind on the topic of discussion. Most of what my clothing consisted of this weekend, was what you would call a 1940's camping wardrobe. Dungarees, flannels, scarves, tennis shoes & wet boots! Let me tell you, I really got a break from pin curls and make-up lol! But that's what camping is all about, according to my husband.....




  1. Oh!! in the first collage the picture of you look like a REAL one from the 40's!!! I mean, you ALWAYS look very authentic, but that pictures is can I really looks like it is very old picture, arrrrgggg, sometimes I can not express my self in english ( spanish either hahahahaha)
    Anyway, I like that picture!