Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tucson's 224th Birthday Celebration!

Hello fellow Blogger's,

First things first! I must admit that I have been a real procrastinator the last couple of days! I have been busy attending to other things that needed to get done. My computer is full of dust! I apologize for the delay in blog entries...

I am going to start this week by sharing with you the event that took place in Downtown Tucson last Thursday. The City of Tucson celebrated it 224th Birthday! For the past two years the bridge Downtown which connects 4th Avenue to Congress street has been under construction. They finished it just in time to collaborate the bridge opening with the celebration of Tucson's Birthday. Different events took place all along the streets of Downtown; food, vendors, artist galleries, music, and even a swing dance at the Train Depot!

With the newly constructed bridge comes an extension of the Trolley line that now runs all the way from University Blvd. under the bridge to Congress street in the heart of Downtown Tucson. This is a huge step in helping to restore the ambiance of what Downtown Tucson once was in it's heyday! Even though I have my gripes about the design and architecture of the bridge itself. I am grateful that it is done and hopefully will help to bring Downtown back to life again. Also it will help with traffic and transportation issues.

I mentioned the design of the bridge because I just really can't believe that not one person on the staff to put this project together; took into consideration trying to incorporate the historic charm and Deco architecture of the original bridge into the new one. That was a little disappointing for me. It is totally modern with no Vintage inspired charm what so ever! So that is my two cents about that! Not that my little petty complaint matters in a world of modern seeking people. I am sure all of you appreciate and understand my feeling on this subject.

Despite all of that I was glad to see that a lot of people came out to the event to show support for Tucson and ride the new Trolley Downtown. When I saw the trolley full of people commuting and walking around Downtown. For a short moment I had a vision of Tucson in the 1940's when Downtown was the exciting place to be and commuting by public transportation was the way to get there. If only everyone was dressed in Vintage!

Speaking of that here is what I wore to the celebration as well as a picture of the new modern looking bridge! (that was sarcasm!) Shortly after this my camera died and I wasn't able to take anymore pics. Luckily I got at least one. I was so mad at myself for not remembering to charge my battery!

I wore my pink and black 1940's blouse with ribbon applique's on it paired with my pink satin 1940's high waist pants and black 1940's inspired wedgies. I accessorized with my black chiffon scarf tied in a bow over my forward roll bangs, my black Vintage Lucite and rhinestone earrings and matching bracelet and my Vintage black Lucite handle purse.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



  1. your outfits are so fantastic, love it!

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog. Your pink and black outfit is beautiful. I have always loved that combination.

  3. Hello Syd,

    You may not know me very well, I'm Amanda (the newest Black Cherry "recruit"). I must say, I adore your blog and style! You also aren't alone in being bummed about the lack of vintage aesthetic with our new bridge. While I'm happy the long awaited construction/opening of it is over, I can't say I'm not slightly sad that our old bridge isn't there.

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and compliment your blog!


  4. Greetz from Tiz- Thank You so much!

    Melony- Aww thank you that really means alot to me. I know! isn't pink & black the best!

    Amanda- Thank you sweetie! I appreciate the lovely thoughts! It is nice to meet you! I'm so sorry I haven't formally introduced myself. Please excuse me if I have zoomed by you at the performances... I am usually a crazy busy prop lady those nights! I hope to properly meet you soon! and I am glad a fellow Tucsonan feels the same way about the new bridge! Please keep in touch...


  5. Oh my! You look absolutely stunning (not that that's surprising, of course) - I just love seeing lovely outfits with pants!
    -Andi x

  6. Hello, I had to leave a comment for you because you have such an incredible blog with an eye-catching and creative header shot! Beautiful pictures and writing; I've been really absorbed reading your posts. Thank you for sharing them and best wishes....

  7. Amaaaaaaaazing trousers! Excellent outfit! You look fab

  8. Andi- Thanks Doll! You have some fab outfits yourself little lady!

    Elise- Thank you so much! You just made my day doll! Please come back!

    Yesterday Girl- Thank You! Great Avatar picture- cute hair!

  9. Absolutely stellar outfit, Syd sweetie! You look like you stepped straight of a gorgeous, glamorous 40s movie.

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!
    I am losing my words...