Wednesday, July 1, 2009

John Dillinger event at Hotel Congress!

As most of you probably already know...John Dillinger plays a major part of history here in Tucson, AZ. Following a nationwide manhunt in 1934 for the notorious criminal and self proclaimed bank robber. He ended up here in the Old Pueblo! Dillinger and his gang set up camp at The Hotel Congress. Built in 1919 the Hotel Congress was renovated to preserve it's history and is still alive and well in Downtown Tucson. Dillinger and his gang found Tucson to be a nice quite change and slower pace of life from the big city. They had a nice chunk of change to live on and made themselves at home here to "lay low". That is until the Hotel Congress caught fire! Well one of the firefighters who helped Dillinger escape death in a flame of fire. Took a look in a True Detective Magazine the next day only to remember a familiar face! Busted! Dillinger captured here in this little one horse town! Every year in January, the Hotel Congress puts together a reenactment of events that took place leading up to his capture. It is quite exciting and I look forward to the ambiance of the 1930's era every year. However today is a special event that the hotel is putting on in conjunction with the new film Public Enemies that premieres today! Starring one of my dream boys! Johnny Depp! I can't wait to see the movie. But before that I am headed to the event at Hotel Congress. 1930's history, music, cars, dancing, and food! There will also be a costume contest for the best dressed. So as I was contemplating on what to wear last night. This is the final wardrobe. Let me know what you think. I will also post some pictures of Hotel Congress and a link to their website. If any of you travel to the Old Pueblo. Definitely make a stop and check it out!! I will also be sure to post pictures of the actual event when I am in my get ups with complete hair and makeup....


The dress is a 1930's cotton summer dress with yellow, brown and orange stripes. Paired with my 1930's straw hat and brown shoes. I also will be wearing my 1930's brown deco carved Bakelite bracelet with yellow Bakelite spacer bracelets and yellow Bakelite earrings. I am washing my stockings at the moment so they did not get in the picture. I put a cold set in my hair yesterday morning so I should be completely dry and ready to go by this evening!!

Sorry this pic is so small! I couldn't get it any bigger. Here is the link to the website event info for Hotel Congress:

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