Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing everyone a Happy July 4th! Just thought I would post a couple of American nostalgia 4th of July pictures. You know to get everyone in the mood for the simple life, freedom and the way it used to be. Summertime block party BBQ'S, bake sales, homemade lemonade, parades, dazzling fireworks, baseball, kids running around , and good old patriotism! I also found some cute items online that would be cute to recreate and add to the ambiance of the good old fashioned 4th of July. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend surrounded by family and friends.....


All photos posted are thanks to Flickr....

Darling pictures of these children on the 4th of Jul in 1940!

Planning a vintage 4th of July party?

Ideas for decor and picnics..

4th of July All Star game in 1940's

My patriotic contribution!!